Emoji ZWJ Sequences

Hot ! - 28 minutes ago

nelson : Emoji ZWJ Sequences - A crazy kind of combining Unicode that Microsoft is playing around with

High end cloud gaming

3 hours ago

nelson : High end cloud gaming - Details on using a monster new GPU for gaming on a cloud server

Politics of Sexual Assault

3 hours ago

nelson : Politics of Sexual Assault - thoughtful analysis of Trump's rape culture talk

Full Moon in Mountain Shadow

3 hours ago

nelson : Full Moon in Mountain Shadow - A remarkable photograph of alignment


6 hours ago

nelson : Dustcoats - A specific form of overcoat worn by working men in shops

You Girls Having Fun?

6 hours ago

nelson : You Girls Having Fun? - Lovely story of a bar's staff handling a creeper

Podesta and Powell phishing

2 days ago

nelson : Podesta and Powell phishing - Details of the attacks by Russian operatives against US politicians

NSA leak

2 days ago

nelson : NSA leak - Hacking tools taken by Martin and given to Shadow Brokers. Maybe.