Prosecute Torturers

9 hours ago

nelson : Prosecute Torturers - NYT editorial on US torture includes list of who should be prosecuted

Tor is being attacked

24 hours ago

nelson : Tor is being attacked - There were warnings this was coming

Sony hack overview

1 days ago

nelson : Sony hack overview - Excellent timeline of events from a Redditor

On PewDiePie

1 days ago

nelson : On PewDiePie - Explaining the appeal of one of YouTube's biggest things

On Internet outrage

2 days ago

nelson : On Internet outrage - Remarkably thoughtful piece from Sam Biddle about pitchfork-wielding mobs

Andy Baio : Sam Biddle on stirring and receiving Internet outrage - feels like this is a rite of passage for every outgoing Valleywag editor

28x collateral damage

2 days ago

nelson : 28x collateral damage - Drone strikes: 27 other people killed for every 1 target


3 days ago

Andy Baio : cinimated - animated remixes of scenes from live-action films  [via]