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Software defined radios

3 hours ago

nelson : Software defined radios - Roundup of current hacker hardware

Nokia Maps schism

4 hours ago

nelson : Nokia Maps schism - Head map guy leaves Here, the map arm of the remnants of Nokia

Portland food carts

8 hours ago

nelson : Portland food carts - A recent map

Wright Brothers photos

8 hours ago

nelson : Wright Brothers photos - Great set of pictures from early flight

Ebola in Liberia

22 hours ago

nelson : Ebola in Liberia - Powerful photos

US Segregation Scores

1 days ago

nelson : US Segregation Scores - Measures of how segregated states and metros are. St. Louis has a high black/white segregation.

St. Louis: A city divided

1 days ago

nelson : St. Louis: A city divided - Excellent background on how we got to Ferguson

Ferguson police misconduct

2 days ago

nelson : Ferguson police misconduct - The details of what the Ferguson cops are doing are just awful

Normalized Ferguson tweetmap

2 days ago

nelson : Normalized Ferguson tweetmap - Better visualization of interest in the Ferguson story

Tom Jennings (1996)

2 days ago

nelson : Tom Jennings (1996) - Early Wired profile of a pioneering network guy


2 days ago

nelson : FidoNet - Early BBS network, alternate to Usenet and Internet

512k BGP route impact

3 days ago

nelson : 512k BGP route impact - Some of the fallout from the routing debacle on the Internet

BGP table size

3 days ago

nelson : BGP table size - A 512,000 BGP route limit is breaking the Internet

Windows Store scams

3 days ago

nelson : Windows Store scams - A brief stroll through Microsoft's negligence