Family Research Council monster

1 days ago

nelson : Family Research Council monster - Sex predator working with the anti-gay group

40 hot dogs

2 days ago

nelson : 40 hot dogs - Tube steaks with the fixins

Mystery Show's debut episode

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Mystery Show's debut episode - new podcast from Gimlet and This American Life's Starlee Kine

On A Plate

2 days ago

Andy Baio : On A Plate - short comic nicely articulates privilege

Mad Max and amputees

2 days ago

nelson : Mad Max and amputees - Excellent personal appreciation of Furiosa's being an amputee in Mad Max

Uber vs ADA

2 days ago

nelson : Uber vs ADA - In every matter of principle, Uber takes the morally repugnant side

Deep learning robots use trial and error for motor tasks

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Deep learning robots use trial and error for motor tasks - we need a word for the feeling when something is equally exciting and terrifying

Levels of knowledge

3 days ago

Richard Rutter : Levels of knowledge - .

Whois Accuracy Program

3 days ago

nelson : Whois Accuracy Program - Newish ICANN rule requires verifying domain ownership

Table Flip

3 days ago

nelson : Table Flip - Funny image of an angry Go player