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10 ways to be a male advocate

14 days ago

nelson : 10 ways to be a male advocate - Simple, actionable ways men can help women in tech

Why nerd culture must die

17 days ago

nelson : Why nerd culture must die - "We’re still behaving like the rebel alliance, but now we’re the Empire."

Grass Valley tech history

1 month ago

nelson : Grass Valley tech history - Seems random, but the Sierra has a little high tech center

Slack / Stewart Butterfield

3 month ago

nelson : Slack / Stewart Butterfield - Phenomenal long profile by @Mat Honan

Andy Baio : Mat Honan profiles Stewart "Dharma" Butterfield and Slack - one of the most talented groups of people I've ever known

Kara Swisher profile

3 month ago

nelson : Kara Swisher profile - The respectable tech gossip journalist

How to suppress women's coding

7 month ago

nelson : How to suppress women's coding - Upsetting collection of incidents

A checklist of stupid things men will say when they find out I only retweet women

8 month ago

Anil : A checklist of stupid things men will say when they find out I only retweet women - I wrote a bit about why I only retweet women. As an exercise, let's guess what stupid things I'll hear in response! If we check off all these items, then we've won Internet Sexism Bingo. And by "won", I mean "lost". "You should just retweet the best peo

Stupid Simple Things SF Techies Could Do To Stop Being Hated

9 month ago

Anil : Stupid Simple Things SF Techies Could Do To Stop Being Hated - I've seen a lot of hand-wringing from techies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley saying "Why are we so hated?" now that there's been a more vocal contingent of people being critical of their lack of civic responsibility. Is it true that corruption and NI

The coming tech-lash

11 month ago

nelson : The coming tech-lash - Even the Economist gets a bit boshie

My Meeting with Pax

13 month ago

Anil : My Meeting with Pax - I'm sick to death of this whole stupid topic, and fighting off a brutal chest cold, so I'm going to ask your forbearance on this piece; It'll be a little less even-handed and detailed than I usually try to be, and if my language is ambiguous, I hope you'l

NYC's Mayoral Primary: How to Choose

14 month ago

Anil : NYC's Mayoral Primary: How to Choose - Today is New York City’s mayoral primary, where the two major parties select which candidate will represent the party. Due to my being on the board of the NY Tech Meetup, I got to be part of a small group that interviewed almost all of the major ca

10 Rules of Internet

15 month ago

Anil : 10 Rules of Internet - In my years working in technology, I have learned a few things. These lessons have become oft-repeated refrains when speaking to people, so I thought I'd collect them so I have a link to send folks when needed. Given enough time, any object which can ge

Google's new interview thoughts

16 month ago

nelson : Google's new interview thoughts - Current head of HR completely turns Google's engineer interview process on its head

Hold The Door Open

18 month ago

Anil : Hold The Door Open - Though it's currently in vogue to threaten the President with ricin, the fashion when I was a younger man was to intimidate newspapers with anthrax. During those heady days I happened to work at a newspaper, and as always the terrifying eventually evolved


19 month ago

nelson : Unlearning - Wise thoughts on flexible management skills

To Less Efficient Startups

25 month ago

Anil : To Less Efficient Startups - Most of the technology world, especially the traditional venture funding infrastructure, is justifiably proud of the extreme efficiency of modern internet startups. It is a triumph for Craigslist to serve hundreds of millions of users with only a few doze

A year of hermit hacking

29 month ago

nelson : A year of hermit hacking - Pamela Fox's awesome presentation on working alone for a year

Tech in Asia

32 month ago

nelson : Tech in Asia - Good general news blog focussed on China, Japan, etc.

Politics is a Business. A Big, Broken One.

32 month ago

Anil : Politics is a Business. A Big, Broken One. - I'm an idealist. I want all governments to work in an ideal, uncorrupted state. But I'd settle for the governments which I live under to work in a way that were at least a bit more responsive and transparent. But part of the reason that doesn't happen is

Penn Olson

32 month ago

nelson : Penn Olson - "Asia tech news for the world"

The Best Tech Writing of 2010

46 month ago

Rod Begbie : The Best Tech Writing of 2010 - Gentlemen, start your Instapapers! [via#

Duck Duck Go blog

47 month ago

nelson : Duck Duck Go blog - Blog by the founder of the new search engine UI

World Power Systems

50 month ago

nelson : World Power Systems - Tom Jennings' site for projects. Very creative guy going back many years, he's credited on The Wilderness Machine

Mr.doob's blog

50 month ago

nelson : Mr.doob's blog - Another one of the Wilderness Downtown people, creative Javascript art

Help Wanted

54 month ago

Rod Begbie : Help Wanted - Todd Agres from Spark Capital on the lack of quality software engineering talent available at the moment. "A blight ensues when there are hundreds of companies looking for the same people. I would guess that there are at least twice as many engineering [via#