16 hours ago

Andy Baio : eyeballs.js - JS version of the classic Mac extension


16 hours ago

Andy Baio : Blackbox - new startup from the Cards Against Humanity team helping others sell and ship stuff, like Exploding Kittens today

Citizen Ex's TLD stories

16 hours ago

Andy Baio : Citizen Ex's TLD stories - James Bridle explores the origins of .io, .ly, and more

Gamifying Sisyphus

16 hours ago

Andy Baio : Gamifying Sisyphus - just have him play clicker games instead

No one will ever read this but

16 hours ago

Andy Baio : No one will ever read this but - audio readings of found online writing that each author thought would never be read  [via]

.io TLD history

22 hours ago

nelson : .io TLD history - A sad story of imperialism. Attn @migurski

Pinterest 7 year options

23 hours ago

nelson : Pinterest 7 year options - Startup does a nice thing in giving their employees freedom to leave

Visual intro to machine learning

2 days ago

nelson : Visual intro to machine learning - Lovely animated demonstration of decision trees

Mobile device OCR

2 days ago

nelson : Mobile device OCR - Google Translate on cell phones uses an on-phone neural net to identify letters

LoL competitive rulings

2 days ago

nelson : LoL competitive rulings - A list of penalties handed out to League of Legends pro players

Creating a Fusion Drive

2 days ago

nelson : Creating a Fusion Drive - A Mac hack; cleaner instructions than I've seen elsewhere

Windows 10 Solitaire fee

2 days ago

nelson : Windows 10 Solitaire fee - Microsoft's banner stupid game no longer free, now shows ads or costs $10/year

Fighting patent trolls

2 days ago

nelson : Fighting patent trolls - Newegg celebrates yet another victory over stupid patents

Kevin Weil Q&A

2 days ago

nelson : Kevin Weil Q&A - Interview with Twitter's head of product

Uber fakes data

3 days ago

nelson : Uber fakes data - The locations of cars they show you in the app are misleading

Drone racing

3 days ago

nelson : Drone racing - Crazy looking remote controlled flying