The Demo

8 hours ago

Andy Baio : The Demo - musical theater performance based on The Mother of All Demos  [via]

8 hours ago

Andy Baio : - when in doubt, hit the "New Friend" button

Minimal Maps

10 hours ago

nelson : Minimal Maps - Lovely thematic maps of the United States

Choose boring technology

15 hours ago

nelson : Choose boring technology - Words of wisdom on engineering choices

Library of Babel

16 hours ago

nelson : Library of Babel - A universal library, in the Borgesian sense

Art of Escape

17 hours ago

nelson : Art of Escape - 3 day course in learning evasion and escape techniques

63 pass FORTRAN compiler

19 hours ago

nelson : 63 pass FORTRAN compiler - Code from the long long ago when memory was precious. IBM 1401 compiler.

DDoS visualization

2 days ago

nelson : DDoS visualization - Global statistics; the attack types graph is particularly interesting

China vs GitHub

2 days ago

nelson : China vs GitHub - 3 days in now to a massive DDoS attack, apparently by the Chinese government