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16 year old Canadian vs Milo

18 hours ago

nelson : 16 year old Canadian vs Milo - The video that surfaced was found by a liberal-leading young Canadian woman

The Comey Letter Debacle

2 days ago

nelson : The Comey Letter Debacle - Yet another take on the FBI meddling in the election

Russian flag prank

2 days ago

nelson : Russian flag prank - Nice bit of culture jamming at CPAC

United to Protect Democracy

2 days ago

nelson : United to Protect Democracy - Watchdog group checking on the Trump administration's ethics compliance

Domestic ID checks

3 days ago

nelson : Domestic ID checks - Update on the domestic flight where passengers had to show documentation on landing at JFK

Manafort blackmailed

3 days ago

nelson : Manafort blackmailed - More details of unsavory Russian/Ukrainian business of Trump's campaign chairman

Understanding Congressional Gerrymandering

3 days ago

nelson : Understanding Congressional Gerrymandering - Some useful political background

Moon Duchin fighting gerrymandering

3 days ago

nelson : Moon Duchin fighting gerrymandering - Tufts mathematician working on measures of compactness, one component of redistricting

Babysitting Trump's ego

4 days ago

nelson : Babysitting Trump's ego - Former staffers talk about managing the President as if he were a seven year old child

Antivirus breaks SSL

4 days ago

nelson : Antivirus breaks SSL - Many so-called security products are actually weakening SSL security

US border homophobia

4 days ago

nelson : US border homophobia - Enraging story of a Gay Canadian being harassed at the US border (pre-Trump)

RIP Texas Monthly

6 days ago

nelson : RIP Texas Monthly - Surprisingly good long form journalism outlet is changing direction

legislative redistricting

6 days ago

nelson : legislative redistricting - geodata expert gets up to speed on politics and mapping

Trump psychology at work

6 days ago

nelson : Trump psychology at work - Our very own North Korean terror leader

Eaten Fish

9 days ago

nelson : Eaten Fish - Tragic story of a young Iranian refugee being held in limbo in PNG, by Australia

Alabama populists

9 days ago

nelson : Alabama populists - A bit of American political history

Against deletionism

9 days ago

nelson : Against deletionism - BoingBoing writer describes a problem with delete-happy Wikipedia editors

National Guard and ICE

9 days ago

nelson : National Guard and ICE - Trump administration denies this frightening plan was ever taken seriously

Flynn not authorized to take Russian pay

9 days ago

nelson : Flynn not authorized to take Russian pay - 2015 paid TV appearance was apparently not approved by the Pentagon, his employer

Stephen Miller on Twitter

10 days ago

nelson : Stephen Miller on Twitter - Little used account engages with a lot of bizarro right wing hate stuff. This article may not be accurate.

Buddy Cole

11 days ago

nelson : Buddy Cole - A nice appreciation for 90s gay stereotype cmoedy

Yosemite Firefall

11 days ago

nelson : Yosemite Firefall - Sunset illuminates a waterfall

"Transgender", not "transgendered"

11 days ago

nelson : "Transgender", not "transgendered" - Choosing correct words for politeness (and apologies for my mistake)

Trump v Transgendered teens

11 days ago

nelson : Trump v Transgendered teens - Refuses to help transgendered kids in Texas

Inaccurate executive orders

12 days ago

nelson : Inaccurate executive orders - More White House incompetence; can't even post correct version of dictats