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Experimental sans

1 days ago

nelson : Experimental sans - A collection of regrettable typefaces

Leap second routing fallout

2 days ago

nelson : Leap second routing fallout - Details on the leap second related router mess; 2000 networks briefly offline

LoL Twitch revenue

2 days ago

nelson : LoL Twitch revenue - Student estimate at what popular League of Legends streamers make on Twitch

Fiber optic sabotage

2 days ago

nelson : Fiber optic sabotage - 10 separate incidents of cables being cut in the Bay Area in the last year

California immunization levels

2 days ago

nelson : California immunization levels - Public health report from before the new vaccine law

Casio watches

3 days ago

nelson : Casio watches - Photos of various crazy wrist computers

Bing + AOL

3 days ago

nelson : Bing + AOL - Big shift in the search ads business

s2n TLS

3 days ago

nelson : s2n TLS - New SSL implementation from amazing, 6000 lines of code


4 days ago

nelson : Tilemaker - Standalone app for turning OSM data into vector tiles


5 days ago

nelson : chrony - Alternative NTP implementation particularly suited for not-always-connected systems

Japanese day trader

6 days ago

nelson : Japanese day trader - CIS: crazy story of a small market

Reddit 10th birthday

10 days ago

nelson : Reddit 10th birthday - Retrospective and best ofs

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Confederate flag

10 days ago

nelson : Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Confederate flag - Some much needed basic facts

Le Creuset Factory

11 days ago

nelson : Le Creuset Factory - A visit with photos

L0pht retrospective

11 days ago

nelson : L0pht retrospective - Looking back at 1990s testimonial about computer security threats

Postgres Indexes

11 days ago

nelson : Postgres Indexes - Some basic database design

LoL win predictor

11 days ago

nelson : LoL win predictor - Student project predicting who is going to win a game