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Disco spiders

4 days ago

nelson : Disco spiders - Mirrored spiders are freaky looking

Palmer Luckey

5 days ago

nelson : Palmer Luckey - Oculus rift founder is funding hateful anti-Clinton shitposts

Andy Baio : Oculus founder Palmer Luckey secretly funding Trump memes - everything about this is gross; devs are cancelling their Oculus support

Nazis in Manhattan

5 days ago

nelson : Nazis in Manhattan - Rallies in Madison Square Garden in the 1930s

Yahoo user database breach?

5 days ago

nelson : Yahoo user database breach? - rumor. "The data allegedly included user names, easily decrypted passwords and personal information"

Beale U-2 crash

5 days ago

nelson : Beale U-2 crash - Sadness, a fatality on a training mission

Pertussis in Nevada County

6 days ago

nelson : Pertussis in Nevada County - Another growing outbreak for a vaccinatable disease

Trump's taxes

7 days ago

nelson : Trump's taxes - NYT gets righteous

Offline Movie Reviews

7 days ago

nelson : Offline Movie Reviews - A project demonstration data scraping and mobile access without Internet

Yemeni mountain village

8 days ago

nelson : Yemeni mountain village - Far removed from the war

19 months driving Africa

8 days ago

nelson : 19 months driving Africa - Jury-rigged truck, lots of photos

The cypherpunk revolution

8 days ago

nelson : The cypherpunk revolution - Long, detailed history of cultural trends in crypto

Relief map techniques

10 days ago

nelson : Relief map techniques - Historical view of cartography

Trees in the US

11 days ago

nelson : Trees in the US - Detailed map of tree density

Internet Trolls and election

11 days ago

nelson : Internet Trolls and election - More details on 4chan trolling, pepe

Reigns' creator on making the indie hit

12 days ago

Andy Baio : Reigns' creator on making the indie hit - "the result of contingent decisions mixed with an indecent amount of luck"

nelson : Reigns editorial - Notes from a successful new game

Yes, I’d lie to you

13 days ago

nelson : Yes, I’d lie to you - Long, detailed look at untruths in politics. Social media's role examined.

Art of the lie

13 days ago

nelson : Art of the lie - Short, excellent op/ed on the growth of untruth in politics

Riot Games history

14 days ago

nelson : Riot Games history - Detailed interview with the League of Legends company

Adblock Plus sells ads

14 days ago

nelson : Adblock Plus sells ads - Completely sleazy evolution; stealing revenue from publishers

Sugar industry killed

14 days ago

nelson : Sugar industry killed - Smoking gun documents about buying off diet researchers in the 60s

Brand New Subway

14 days ago

nelson : Brand New Subway - Browser game simulating NYC subway design