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ASCII history

4 hours ago

nelson : ASCII history - Some very fiddly little details on the history of character encodings for computers


11 hours ago

nelson : Tianya - Chinese website that I'm told is a bit like reddit


12 hours ago

nelson : Infuse - Another movie player for iPad

RIP Google+

13 hours ago

nelson : RIP Google+ - Writing on the wall that Google is dismantling their ill-advised product

Ev / Medium interview

14 hours ago

nelson : Ev / Medium interview - Great insights into how Evan is thinking about Medium, the publishing platform


14 hours ago

nelson : OneShot - A tool for sharing screenshots and snippets of text on Twitter

New Books Network

2 days ago

nelson : New Books Network - Podcasts with authors about new books

UTF-8 history

2 days ago

nelson : UTF-8 history - Details on how Ken Thompson designed the text encoding. /cc @migurski

Riot streaming rules

3 days ago

nelson : Riot streaming rules - Thorny intellectual property issues in streams of online games

69% annual return

3 days ago

nelson : 69% annual return - Bizarro French contract allows a family to trade investments on last week's prices

HSTS Super Cookies

6 days ago

nelson : HSTS Super Cookies - Exploiting HTTP strict transport security for a new kind of user tracker

GPG and Me

6 days ago

nelson : GPG and Me - Moxie declares GPG a dead end; totally agree

US cell coverage map

6 days ago

nelson : US cell coverage map - Detailed data, looks to be from driving

Houston's six best bowls of chili

6 days ago

nelson : Houston's six best bowls of chili - Useful food review

Formal methods success

7 days ago

nelson : Formal methods success - Software proof technology finds bug in widely used sorting library

Mathematical ends

7 days ago

nelson : Mathematical ends - Unfortunate deaths of 20 mathematicians. Gödel starved himself; 65 pounds at time of death.


7 days ago

nelson : XPilot - Venerable X11 game, multiplayer space pew pew

PG&E/CPUC emails

9 days ago

nelson : PG&E/CPUC emails - Archive of communication central to the ongoing scandal about utilities regulation in California

Dubai skyline

9 days ago

nelson : Dubai skyline - It's not all modern

Bad diet science

9 days ago

nelson : Bad diet science - Yet more evidence US health guidelines are nonsense

Android root certs

11 days ago

nelson : Android root certs - More SSL badness; mobile phone root certificates

Komodia ad SDK

12 days ago

nelson : Komodia ad SDK - Product Lenovo uses to inject ads in their customer's browsers

SuperFish certificate

12 days ago

nelson : SuperFish certificate - Someone cracked Lenovo's malware; all laptops are vulnerable

Lenovo malware

12 days ago

nelson : Lenovo malware - Idiots install very dangerous adware on the computers they sell

Andy Baio : Lenovo's installing adware, MITM SSL proxy on new laptops - don't miss this fun breakdown of extracting and cracking the SuperFish certificate

Superfish cert/encrypted key

12 days ago

nelson : Superfish cert/encrypted key - Every Lenovo laptop believes these credentials for SSL