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2 hours ago

nelson : Weeaboo - Random Internet culture slang; I love the detailed etymology research that Know Your Meme does

Greek debt timeline

1 days ago

nelson : Greek debt timeline - What's due when; they may be defaulting in a couple of weeks

Family Research Council monster

3 days ago

nelson : Family Research Council monster - Sex predator working with the anti-gay group

40 hot dogs

3 days ago

nelson : 40 hot dogs - Tube steaks with the fixins

Mad Max and amputees

3 days ago

nelson : Mad Max and amputees - Excellent personal appreciation of Furiosa's being an amputee in Mad Max

Uber vs ADA

3 days ago

nelson : Uber vs ADA - In every matter of principle, Uber takes the morally repugnant side

Whois Accuracy Program

4 days ago

nelson : Whois Accuracy Program - Newish ICANN rule requires verifying domain ownership

Table Flip

4 days ago

nelson : Table Flip - Funny image of an angry Go player

Turntable postmortem

5 days ago

nelson : Turntable postmortem - Nice writeup of a failed social music startup

New SSL hack

5 days ago

nelson : New SSL hack - Yet another cryptosystem weakened by government tampering

PayPal fined for credit product

5 days ago

nelson : PayPal fined for credit product - Their invasive advertisements for credit cards turn out to also be deceptive

Yahoo failed tax dodge

6 days ago

nelson : Yahoo failed tax dodge - IRS actually challenges an obvious tax scam

SVG Crowbar

6 days ago

nelson : SVG Crowbar - Chrome extension to download SVG graphics, as with D3

UK election maps

6 days ago

nelson : UK election maps - Excellent roundup of various visualizations

Take Hersh seriously

8 days ago

nelson : Take Hersh seriously - Excellent defense of Seymour Hersh's recent reporting on the assassination of Bin Laden

4chan tripcodes

9 days ago

nelson : 4chan tripcodes - 4chan has a way to post non-anonymously


9 days ago

nelson : Gametrics - Data on game popularity in Korean PC Bangs

LoL streamer stats

9 days ago

nelson : LoL streamer stats - Twitch viewership of pro and popular amateur League of Legends players. 30,000 viewers for Bjergsen!

US marriage map

9 days ago

nelson : US marriage map - Location, income, political affiliation all affect marriage rates

Reddit against harassment

9 days ago

nelson : Reddit against harassment - More policy changes, towards making the community less awful

Kerbal Space Program review

9 days ago

nelson : Kerbal Space Program review - Excellent take on the amazing spaceflight game now that it's officially released

New Galileoscopes

9 days ago

nelson : New Galileoscopes - Decent $50 telescope has a new production run

Prison rape failures

9 days ago

nelson : Prison rape failures - States dragging their feet at federally required reform

Crumbling capsule tower

9 days ago

nelson : Crumbling capsule tower - Experimental architecture from 1972 Tokyo is not aging well

Kanye Quest easter egg

9 days ago

nelson : Kanye Quest easter egg - Weird hidden part of Kanye Quest... cult recruiting tool?

Andy Baio : Bizarre easter egg in Kanye Quest JRPG - ASCEND  [via]