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Homeless mother, dead baby

4 hours ago

nelson : Homeless mother, dead baby - Heartbreaking story of mental illness and homelessness in Portland


5 hours ago

nelson : Astronaut - Snippets of random Youtube videos with zero views

Lakoff on Trump

23 hours ago

nelson : Lakoff on Trump - Some thoughts from cognitive science

Abstract geoart

1 days ago

nelson : Abstract geoart - Nice feature on Bill Morris' neat satellite photo / machine learning art

Super Mario Run onboarding

4 days ago

nelson : Super Mario Run onboarding - Devastating critique of the new Nintendo iPhone game

Shadow Brokers quit

4 days ago

nelson : Shadow Brokers quit - Hacker group likely to be Russian government is quitting, or lulzing, or something

Calling Bullshit

4 days ago

nelson : Calling Bullshit - A college course about falsehoods in statistical research, big data, and rhetoric

Video Game Luck

4 days ago

nelson : Video Game Luck - Probability and perception manipulated for fun

Condom effectiveness for gay men

4 days ago

nelson : Condom effectiveness for gay men - A look at differing opinions

Software repeatability

6 days ago

nelson : Software repeatability - Problems of doing science with software that you can't reliably re-run

Trump compromised by Russia?

7 days ago

nelson : Trump compromised by Russia? - FBI has intelligence from multiple sources that the Russians have personal and financial leverage over Trump

VC Reserves

8 days ago

nelson : VC Reserves - Details on how venture capital reinvests in portfolio companies

Swedish SIGINT

8 days ago

nelson : Swedish SIGINT - Details of cyberwarfare from Scandanavia

1.5 million gamer records

8 days ago

nelson : 1.5 million gamer records - Hacker / leak, but some interesting data

Jeff Sessions and 1980s voter suppression

8 days ago

nelson : Jeff Sessions and 1980s voter suppression - Ugly case in Alabama

Brackets editor

9 days ago

nelson : Brackets editor - Another editor built in Javascript

Geek Squad informants

9 days ago

nelson : Geek Squad informants - National chain of computer support people had a side business selling customers out to the FBI

Kushner's conflicts

10 days ago

nelson : Kushner's conflicts - More corruption at the center of the Trump family

Russian election influence

10 days ago

nelson : Russian election influence - News article summarizing the declassified intelligence report

Yugoslavian computer pinups

11 days ago

nelson : Yugoslavian computer pinups - 1980s Eastern European computer magazine had cheesecake photos of women


11 days ago

nelson : Aggretsuko - A Sanrio character for office alcoholic rage

SF Historical Creek Map

11 days ago

nelson : SF Historical Creek Map - Better rendering than I've seen of this before

Ghostcrawler on abuse

11 days ago

nelson : Ghostcrawler on abuse - Famous game designer talks about dealing with hostile gamer fans

The Agency

12 days ago

nelson : The Agency - Report from Russia's online propaganda arm

Padme needed an ob/gyn

13 days ago

nelson : Padme needed an ob/gyn - Darth Vader was created because the Empire lacked prenatal health care