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Clarus the DogCow

12 hours ago

nelson : Clarus the DogCow - A museum for a classic Susan Kare icon

Truvada and HIV stigma

2 days ago

nelson : Truvada and HIV stigma - Excellent essay on gay men's sex lives

Github vs trolls

2 days ago

nelson : Github vs trolls - Company takes steps to address its misogyny problem

Uber financials

4 days ago

nelson : Uber financials - Heavily skeptical take on the car company


5 days ago

nelson : DAPL TFR - FAA has restricted aircraft over the protest in North Dakota

Gooligan Android malware

5 days ago

nelson : Gooligan Android malware - Steals Google credentials

North Carolina do-over

5 days ago

nelson : North Carolina do-over - Fallout from their racist election tampering; must hold a new election

Trump DC lease problem

6 days ago

nelson : Trump DC lease problem - Lease on his hotel in Washington DC clearly states he can't be an elected official

Mac App Store scams

8 days ago

nelson : Mac App Store scams - Good apps aren't in the store, just scams

UUID history

8 days ago

nelson : UUID history - The origin of the 8-4-4-4-12 format for UUIDs

Hina missing from Disneyʼs Moana

8 days ago

nelson : Hina missing from Disneyʼs Moana - Cultural critique from a Polynesian expert

Muslim genocide threats

8 days ago

nelson : Muslim genocide threats - Someone's sending pro-Trump threatening letters to mosques in California

Matthew Picton | Artist

8 days ago

nelson : Matthew Picton | Artist - Paper sculpture based on city layouts

MUNI ransomware

8 days ago

nelson : MUNI ransomware - San Francisco's transit payment system got hacked

San Jose mosque threatened

9 days ago

nelson : San Jose mosque threatened - Invokes Trump, promises genocide

Trump corruption

9 days ago

nelson : Trump corruption - Unprecedented: kleptocracy?

Gerrymandering maps

10 days ago

nelson : Gerrymandering maps - Visualization of a subversion of democracy

Charles Blow on Trump

11 days ago

nelson : Charles Blow on Trump - Strongly worded op/ed

Reddit CEO dumbness

11 days ago

nelson : Reddit CEO dumbness - Head of Reddit snaps and edits some user comments, apologizes

California vote by mail

11 days ago

nelson : California vote by mail - SB 450 moves CA to voting by mail by 2024

California vote-by-mail

11 days ago

nelson : California vote-by-mail - Nevada County is going to try vote-by-mail in 2018

Through a Looking Glass Darkly

11 days ago

nelson : Through a Looking Glass Darkly - 2013 bit of agitprop by Mr. Fish, newly topical

Ukraine election hacked

12 days ago

nelson : Ukraine election hacked - Evidence from 2014 that Russia hacked the Ukraine election

Windsor, CA Trump fears

13 days ago

nelson : Windsor, CA Trump fears - Heart rending but excellent reporting

American community survey

13 days ago

nelson : American community survey - US census data about people's culture