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Gender gap in tech funding

Hot ! - 28 minutes ago

nelson : Gender gap in tech funding - Sexism in the VC and angel world

Age diversity in tech

Hot ! - 28 minutes ago

nelson : Age diversity in tech - The lack of data

LMQ esports dispute

1 hour ago

nelson : LMQ esports dispute - Top League of Legends team (in North America, but a Chinese team) has a bunch of shady business problems

Ramen crust pizza

2 hours ago

nelson : Ramen crust pizza - When stoners run out of ingredients, they get creative

anatomy of songs

2 days ago

nelson : anatomy of songs - A simple linear infographic

Rap Genius bro on Bitcoin

2 days ago

nelson : Rap Genius bro on Bitcoin - Disgraced former Genius guy has the Bitcoin religion

Television designs

2 days ago

nelson : Television designs - Nice graphic of the look of TV consoles since 1928

Google really buying Twitch

4 days ago

nelson : Google really buying Twitch - Still not official, but a strong journalistic source

Hapax legomenon

4 days ago

nelson : Hapax legomenon - Words that only occur once in some corpus

America's Flight 17

4 days ago

nelson : America's Flight 17 - In 1988 the US shot down a civilian airliner by accident

Sun Noodles

5 days ago

nelson : Sun Noodles - purveyors of fine ramen (attn @marcprecipice)

Deaths in the Iliad

5 days ago

nelson : Deaths in the Iliad - finally an infographic that isn't awful

EC2 Origins

5 days ago

nelson : EC2 Origins - Benjamin Black (Amazon employee) claims partial credit for starting Amazon's cloud computing business


6 days ago

nelson : julybywomen - Women on Metafilter making "posts by women" for the month of July

Scarlett, Starcraft pro

6 days ago

nelson : Scarlett, Starcraft pro - One of the strongest players of Starcraft is a transgender woman

Game dev sexual harassment

6 days ago

nelson : Game dev sexual harassment - Ugly stories of experiences women in the games business have

Canvas fingerprinting

7 days ago

nelson : Canvas fingerprinting - Yet another web tracking tool; using differences in browser rendering

ScanLine Generator 3000

7 days ago

nelson : ScanLine Generator 3000 - For reproducing the look of crappy old CRTs


7 days ago

nelson : CockroachDB - Some very smart ex-Googlers building an open source robust datastore

Russian MH17 view

7 days ago

nelson : Russian MH17 view - Conspiracy theories in Russian media

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

10 days ago

nelson : Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - Animated GIF of a tiny tumbling comet that we're about to land a probe on

Level 3 calls out Verizon

11 days ago

nelson : Level 3 calls out Verizon - Significant Internet backbone provider explains how Verizon is lying about bandwidth

BUK anti-air missile

11 days ago

nelson : BUK anti-air missile - System rumored to have shot down MH17

Kara Swisher profile

12 days ago

nelson : Kara Swisher profile - The respectable tech gossip journalist

Guilty Remnant

12 days ago

nelson : Guilty Remnant - Website for the religious movement taking the (fictional) world by storm