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Tabletop pong

10 hours ago

nelson : Tabletop pong - A physical instantiation

WSJ on

11 hours ago

nelson : WSJ on - Bryce's experimental VC fund gets some press, as does my friend's company

DNS Privacy

2 days ago

nelson : DNS Privacy - Speculation on privacy-preserving DNS systems

Geocoding in 5 minutes

4 days ago

nelson : Geocoding in 5 minutes - Simple installation of OpenAddresses data and Pelias geocoder

Font clichés

5 days ago

nelson : Font clichés - Funny because it's true

❤️ Peter Thiel

5 days ago

nelson : ❤️ Peter Thiel - Good satire on the Gawker suit

Factory idle

5 days ago

nelson : Factory idle - Neat cookie-clicker style idle game, but with factory layout puzzle too


6 days ago

nelson : Terrapattern - Search aerial imagery for images of things

Andy Baio : Terrapattern - visual search engine for satellite imagery; example: baseball in Detroit, planes in NYC

Windows 10 trickery

7 days ago

nelson : Windows 10 trickery - Dark pattern in the Windows upgrade dialog

Star Wars, the infographic

7 days ago

nelson : Star Wars, the infographic - A sort of comic novelization


8 days ago

nelson : EditorConfig - A cross-editor way for a software project to define standards for newlines, indentation, etc

This Was San Francisco

8 days ago

nelson : This Was San Francisco - 1950s comics about the SF past

Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow

8 days ago

nelson : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - Taking the piss out of tech interviews

Andy Baio : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - machine learning for dumb coding interview questions

JSON Client

8 days ago

nelson : JSON Client - iOS app that displays JSON data. Sort of like a web browser but easier to script

19th c. ASCII art ads

8 days ago

nelson : 19th c. ASCII art ads - Fun exploration of a forgotten byway of typography

"advice" for aspiring tech bloggers

9 days ago

nelson : "advice" for aspiring tech bloggers - Thoughtful words from a masterful writer in a medium that should be more popular

SWIFT malware

9 days ago

nelson : SWIFT malware - Analysis of the software used to steal $951M from a banking network

Trump v Bernie

11 days ago

nelson : Trump v Bernie - A Second Life drama, with swastikas

Sacca on Trump

12 days ago

nelson : Sacca on Trump - Guy on Fire

Cache files vs. pornography

13 days ago

nelson : Cache files vs. pornography - Local California politician's public service career ruined by a probably false child porn charge

Mt St Helens from the air

13 days ago

nelson : Mt St Helens from the air - GA pilot took a look-see during the eruption. /cc @vruba

Hanging tables

13 days ago

nelson : Hanging tables - Neat idea of a table that disappears into the ceiling

Soviet topo maps

14 days ago

nelson : Soviet topo maps - Cache of many maps from the Soviet Union

Nick Johnson

14 days ago

nelson : Nick Johnson - Nice remembrance of an author famous for writing about Antarctica

mypy Python type checker

14 days ago

nelson : mypy Python type checker - Part of the effort to add optional typechecking to Python