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Microsoft BASIC for 6502

4 days ago

nelson : Microsoft BASIC for 6502 - Source code for the BASIC that drove the Apple ][


4 days ago

nelson : Wayland - An eventual replacement for X11 for Linux graphics


5 days ago

nelson : Catsup - Nice long article on the history and etymology of the condiment

Can I have A pet fox?

5 days ago

nelson : Can I have A pet fox? - Details on efforts to domesticate or tame foxes

Fear Chinese Firewall

5 days ago

nelson : Fear Chinese Firewall - What happens when your server becomes the victim of a Chinese Great Firewall misconfiguration?

Google+ users

6 days ago

nelson : Google+ users - Some plausible stats


6 days ago

nelson : Minipedia - A new offline Wikipedia reader for iOS

Clever Little Click

11 days ago

nelson : Clever Little Click - A battery powered clock that magically improves your AV system, merely by being in the same room

Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy

11 days ago

nelson : Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy - Hilarious re-consideration of Harry Potter

Internet Resistance

11 days ago

nelson : Internet Resistance - Fun looking art class at CMU

Against DNSSEC

13 days ago

nelson : Against DNSSEC - Arguments that DNSSEC is a flawed system that provides no extra security

Swiss franc 20% appreciation

13 days ago

nelson : Swiss franc 20% appreciation - Details on currency exchange and how rates shift dramatically

CA High Speed Rail collection

13 days ago

nelson : CA High Speed Rail collection - Index of thoughtful articles from James Fallows

NSA regret

14 days ago

nelson : NSA regret - Some inadequate words of contrition for subverting national securtiy

Madrone Cabins

14 days ago

nelson : Madrone Cabins - Friend recommends this as a nice cabin camping experience north of SF

Google Domains

15 days ago

nelson : Google Domains - Google has a product now for a simple company website