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Burrito unboxing

Hot ! - 43 minutes ago

nelson : Burrito unboxing - What's inside the wrapper?

Twitter's new app strategy

4 hours ago

nelson : Twitter's new app strategy - From Twitter Flight, building various mobile developer tools

Gyro-Stabilized Systems

7 hours ago

nelson : Gyro-Stabilized Systems - Grass Valley tech company; aerial imaging


1 days ago

nelson : /r/gonwild - Abstract polygon art

Cindy Brewer profile

2 days ago

nelson : Cindy Brewer profile - Geography professor behind the excellent perceptual color scales

Playboy on LoL

2 days ago

nelson : Playboy on LoL - SFW: great profile of eSports, Cloud 9

X-37B orbit

2 days ago

nelson : X-37B orbit - Secret military spaceplane flew around 400 km, 43° inclination

eSports in Korea

3 days ago

nelson : eSports in Korea - Some coverage of the gaming phenomenon

Robot space plan returns home

3 days ago

nelson : Robot space plan returns home - 2 years in orbit for X-37B, running autonomously, now it's back

Twitter Block Bot

3 days ago

nelson : Twitter Block Bot - A spam filter of sorts for Twitter, blocking anti-feminist obsessives

Slovakian Tokaj

4 days ago

nelson : Slovakian Tokaj - They make dessert wine like Hungarian Tokaji in Slovakia

UDP in practice

4 days ago

nelson : UDP in practice - Some data for low bandwidth UDP uses

Faroe islands maps

5 days ago

nelson : Faroe islands maps - Some confusing geometry for a tiny northern nation

n'est pas un sextoy

6 days ago

nelson : n'est pas un sextoy - Eyebrow raising sculpture installed in Paris

The Making Of Berzerk

6 days ago

nelson : The Making Of Berzerk - Classic arcade game, the story of design

Chrono Trigger design

8 days ago

nelson : Chrono Trigger design - "Reversing the design", game analaysis

Square D3 tutorial

8 days ago

nelson : Square D3 tutorial - Nice intro

Columbus in Chains

10 days ago

nelson : Columbus in Chains - Happy Columbus Day!

Cardinal Fashion Plate

10 days ago

nelson : Cardinal Fashion Plate - Jackass cardinal known for saying jackass things also has a flair for costume

NYT on LoL

11 days ago

nelson : NYT on LoL - Mainstream press about the esports game, awkward article

Organs of Paris

11 days ago

nelson : Organs of Paris - Guides for hearing organ music in Paris

LoL position visualization

12 days ago

nelson : LoL position visualization - Data on player positions over time

thefork Paris

13 days ago

nelson : thefork Paris - Online restaurant reservations. Like OpenTable for Paris, reports are it actually works

10 ways to be a male advocate

14 days ago

nelson : 10 ways to be a male advocate - Simple, actionable ways men can help women in tech

GamerGate deconstruction

14 days ago

nelson : GamerGate deconstruction - Analysis of how the "movement" is structurally flawed