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Nomad Digital

7 hours ago

nelson : Nomad Digital - ISP Amtrak uses, at least for the Capitol Corridor in California

Tim Cook comes out

15 hours ago

nelson : Tim Cook comes out - Nicely written essay.

BitTorrent Sync commentary

1 days ago

nelson : BitTorrent Sync commentary - User is happy with what he's found with the DropBox replacement

Common Crawl

2 days ago

nelson : Common Crawl - Non-profit that crawls the web and makes snapshots available to the public for free

ODbL analysis

2 days ago

nelson : ODbL analysis - Legal white paper looking at OpenStreetMap licensing issues

Trouble with the ODbL

2 days ago

nelson : Trouble with the ODbL - New thoughts on OpenStreetMap licensing

Fresh slate for OSM

2 days ago

nelson : Fresh slate for OSM - A prolific OpenStreetMap old timer argues it's time for a fresh start for OSM

Sarkeesian NYT op/ed

2 days ago

nelson : Sarkeesian NYT op/ed - Great observation on how gaming has become for everyone

Uber, Lyft pricing

3 days ago

nelson : Uber, Lyft pricing - Details on surge pricing, relative costs, etc

Voter suppression in Texas

4 days ago

nelson : Voter suppression in Texas - The details of why voter ID requirements are anti-democratic

sexism 1.0

5 days ago

nelson : sexism 1.0 - Stories of sexual harassment in tech journalism

Notes From Behind the Firewall

5 days ago

nelson : Notes From Behind the Firewall - Quick overview of some differences in the parallel Chinese Internet

Palua: Mac function keys

6 days ago

nelson : Palua: Mac function keys - Software to make switching keyboard mode for function keys better

1852 foldable globe

6 days ago

nelson : 1852 foldable globe - Very cool globe that folds up into a book

All the streets, centered

7 days ago

nelson : All the streets, centered - 2010 visualization of map data for cities

Ello funding: PBC

8 days ago

nelson : Ello funding: PBC - Bold move, incorporated in a way that prevents them showing ads or selling user data

Andy Baio : Ello takes $5.5M, binds itself to manifesto - unprecedented move, legally preventing them from running ads or selling user data

Burrito unboxing

8 days ago

nelson : Burrito unboxing - What's inside the wrapper?

Twitter's new app strategy

8 days ago

nelson : Twitter's new app strategy - From Twitter Flight, building various mobile developer tools

Gyro-Stabilized Systems

9 days ago

nelson : Gyro-Stabilized Systems - Grass Valley tech company; aerial imaging


10 days ago

nelson : /r/gonwild - Abstract polygon art

Cindy Brewer profile

11 days ago

nelson : Cindy Brewer profile - Geography professor behind the excellent perceptual color scales

Playboy on LoL

11 days ago

nelson : Playboy on LoL - SFW: great profile of eSports, Cloud 9

X-37B orbit

11 days ago

nelson : X-37B orbit - Secret military spaceplane flew around 400 km, 43° inclination

eSports in Korea

11 days ago

nelson : eSports in Korea - Some coverage of the gaming phenomenon

Robot space plan returns home

11 days ago

nelson : Robot space plan returns home - 2 years in orbit for X-37B, running autonomously, now it's back