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2017 Transcontinental Race

3 hours ago

nelson : 2017 Transcontinental Race - Friend of mine is riding a 4000km bicycle race across Europe

RAND on trans in military

3 hours ago

nelson : RAND on trans in military - Estimates of how many transgender people are in the US military and what health care would cost

Scaramucci's Deleted Tweets

2 days ago

nelson : Scaramucci's Deleted Tweets - A list with commentary

Securing the Vote 2016

2 days ago

nelson : Securing the Vote 2016 - Detailed account of various Russian hacking efforts and the US response

Spicer gossip

4 days ago

nelson : Spicer gossip - Insider detail on his resignation

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

5 days ago

nelson : Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator - New game out today

KQED ransomware victim

6 days ago

nelson : KQED ransomware victim - Local PBS station's computers have been compromised for a month

HHS sabotaging health care

6 days ago

nelson : HHS sabotaging health care - Under Trump, the Department of Health and Human Services has been producing anti-ACA propaganda

Fanna-Fi-Allah in Nevada City

6 days ago

nelson : Fanna-Fi-Allah in Nevada City - Sufi Qawwali music in the California foothills

FPS and human perception

6 days ago

nelson : FPS and human perception - Details from cognitive science on 144Hz monitors, 90Hz VR, etc

Voting security

7 days ago

nelson : Voting security - Friend in Texas talks about need to secure voting machines

Verizon S3 breach

14 days ago

nelson : Verizon S3 breach - Customer database left online for anyone to download

Mueller investigation rumors

14 days ago

nelson : Mueller investigation rumors - Said to be looking at whether Trump campaign helped Russians target propaganda efforts