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Xen Security Advisories 108

11 hours ago

nelson : Xen Security Advisories 108 - The bug that had Amazon and Rackspace rebooting all of their computers


1 days ago

nelson : YUROP - The subreddit alternative to 'Murica

Hadza fecal transplant

1 days ago

nelson : Hadza fecal transplant - Random Western biologist decides to hot-swap in some shit from a Tanzanian hunter-gatherer

Worn and Wound

1 days ago

nelson : Worn and Wound - Guide to watches that are not stupidly expensive

Tabletop Whale

2 days ago

nelson : Tabletop Whale - Lovely scientific illustrations published as animated GIF

Compact Conflict

4 days ago

nelson : Compact Conflict - Cute little Risk-like game

Leave Chelsea Alone

4 days ago

nelson : Leave Chelsea Alone - An unlikely gay pop culture meme from the early 90s

Walt's Wardrobe

5 days ago

nelson : Walt's Wardrobe - Iconic drawings of every costume from Walter White in Breaking Bad

RIP Yahoo Directory

5 days ago

nelson : RIP Yahoo Directory - Yahoo's first product, one of the first Web commercial products ever, at end of life

Andy Baio : Yahoo to close Yahoo directory - the original Yahoo product, killed off in a footnote

GIF to slideshow

5 days ago

nelson : GIF to slideshow - Deanimate animated GIFs

Fed / Goldman Sachs malfeasance

5 days ago

nelson : Fed / Goldman Sachs malfeasance - Collusion or incompetence in federal regulation of financial services

#Gamergate explained

5 days ago

nelson : #Gamergate explained - NPR gives a simple overview of the outrageous misogyny going on all summer in the gaming community

Sonos Controller

5 days ago

nelson : Sonos Controller - Open source Python code to control a Sonos

FAA drone approval

6 days ago

nelson : FAA drone approval - Incredibly limited, requires pilot's license and under 400 feet

GNSS Surveyor

6 days ago

nelson : GNSS Surveyor - Sub-meter accuracy GPS, includes access to raw data


7 days ago

nelson : Gridland - Clever match 3 game

Andy Baio : Gridland - incredibly addictive, deceptively simple match-three game from the creator of A Dark Room


7 days ago

nelson : LRTimelapse - Fancy tool for creating time lapse movies

Ariane integer overflow

8 days ago

nelson : Ariane integer overflow - Programming bug destroyed the Ariane 5 rocket

Butterfly Labs Bitcoin scam?

8 days ago

nelson : Butterfly Labs Bitcoin scam? - FTC clamps down on a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware

Astound registration password

8 days ago

nelson : Astound registration password - Weird user registration system requires a bogus password

8 days ago

nelson : - Founder of Egroups and Bloglines is back to fix email groups

Rackspace beats patent troll

10 days ago

nelson : Rackspace beats patent troll - Fights a $75,000 request from someone claiming to own the idea of screen rotation

Atari ABAQ

11 days ago

nelson : Atari ABAQ - Obscure 1980s computer, a transputer-based system for consumers


11 days ago

nelson : /r/toynbee - Subreddit dedicated to Toynbee Tiles, weird street art

Dipity Timelines

11 days ago

nelson : Dipity Timelines - Web tool for building timelines