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Null Island in LOC

5 hours ago

nelson : Null Island in LOC - Library of Congress heralds the geographer's favorite tropical vacation spot

FISA rejects 0 warrants

7 hours ago

nelson : FISA rejects 0 warrants - The secret court overseeing the FBI's spying is a joke

Sugar cutters

10 hours ago

nelson : Sugar cutters - Tools for using traditional hard sugar lumps

What Happened to Google Maps?

11 hours ago

nelson : What Happened to Google Maps? - Detailed breakdown of levels of detail

Rethinking PID 1

1 days ago

nelson : Rethinking PID 1 - Early writing about the motivation for systemd

systemd myths

1 days ago

nelson : systemd myths - A technical defense written in the middle of controversy


1 days ago

nelson : TED CRUZ BATHROOM PANIC - Going back to the hateful Republican playbook

CDNs aren't just for caching

1 days ago

nelson : CDNs aren't just for caching - Introduction to reasons CDNs improve web serving

Google sheep view

2 days ago

nelson : Google sheep view - 🐑


2 days ago

nelson : MENACE 2 - A nifty machine learning art piece

Pentagon on Hospital attack

2 days ago

nelson : Pentagon on Hospital attack - Some acceptance of mistakes, but no criminal charges

Zero Hedge explodes

2 days ago

nelson : Zero Hedge explodes - Anonymous writers for a crank financial site have a fight, go public

Spacecraft software error

2 days ago

nelson : Spacecraft software error - Heartbreaking cascading failures in control systems of Hitomi

Burundi concerns

3 days ago

nelson : Burundi concerns - Reminders of the leadup to the Rwanda genocide

Machine Learning Curriculum

3 days ago

nelson : Machine Learning Curriculum - Old friend of mine from Google is working on learning machine learning; curriculum and notes

Elon Musk financing

4 days ago

nelson : Elon Musk financing - Eyebrow raising strategy of borrowing against one of his companies to fund the others

US tornado probabilities

4 days ago

nelson : US tornado probabilities - Nice animation of tornado risk during the year

Apple abusing MacOS

5 days ago

nelson : Apple abusing MacOS - When Microsoft did this self promotion crap there was anti-trust actions


5 days ago

nelson : Microsculpture - Ultra-macro insect photography. /cc @celesteramsay

More Vinod Khosla ugliness

6 days ago

nelson : More Vinod Khosla ugliness - Famous venture capital investor acts like a jerk for coastal access

Elizabeth 2016

6 days ago

nelson : Elizabeth 2016 - Make America Great Britain Again

Beyhive v Rachel Ray

6 days ago

nelson : Beyhive v Rachel Ray - Funny misidentification

Lemonade Transcript

6 days ago

nelson : Lemonade Transcript - Text of the poetry in Beyonce's new release

SF property crime

6 days ago

nelson : SF property crime - My city is broken

CA handgun permits

7 days ago

nelson : CA handgun permits - Correlation of Republican party membership and gun permits