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DDoS visualization

23 hours ago

nelson : DDoS visualization - Global statistics; the attack types graph is particularly interesting

China vs GitHub

1 days ago

nelson : China vs GitHub - 3 days in now to a massive DDoS attack, apparently by the Chinese government

C9 Hai profile

3 days ago

nelson : C9 Hai profile - Interview with a pro League of Legends player

Homes without broadband

4 days ago

nelson : Homes without broadband - Sad, insane story of an underserved residential area

A visit to Naypyidaw

4 days ago

nelson : A visit to Naypyidaw - Myanmar's artificial capital city is empty

RIP FoundationDB

5 days ago

nelson : RIP FoundationDB - Apple buys promising open source database, yanks it offline

Raffi Krikorian to Uber

5 days ago

nelson : Raffi Krikorian to Uber - Old friend and former Twitter VP heading up "advanced technologies" for Uber

Chris Sacca profile

5 days ago

nelson : Chris Sacca profile - Angel investor, financier, former Googler

Oslo vs IOC

6 days ago

nelson : Oslo vs IOC - Ridiculous Olympic Committee requests

Bazel build tool

6 days ago

nelson : Bazel build tool - Google's internal make replacement, now open source

6 days ago

nelson : - DEM tool to make Cities: Skylines game maps from real world data

WWII B-17 pilot IAmA

7 days ago

nelson : WWII B-17 pilot IAmA - Great set of answers from a World War 2 bomber pilot. he's hilarious.

There is No Now

7 days ago

nelson : There is No Now - Nice simple paper about problems of time synchronization

Neutral typeface

8 days ago

nelson : Neutral typeface - A font designed to be unnoticed

Chinese Mobile App UI Trends

9 days ago

nelson : Chinese Mobile App UI Trends - Invaluably detailed info for how Chinese mobile apps differ from US

RiotLyte interview

9 days ago

nelson : RiotLyte interview - More details on how League of Legends is trying to shape its community

Solar power during eclipse

9 days ago

nelson : Solar power during eclipse - Neat graphs show the effect of the eclipse on German solar electricity generation

Eclipse + ISS

9 days ago

nelson : Eclipse + ISS - Phenomenal astrophotograph

Powerline ethernet

9 days ago

nelson : Powerline ethernet - New AV2 standard promises decent speeds for routing network over your home power lines

A Medium critique

10 days ago

nelson : A Medium critique - Counterpoint to the excellent Web publishing company

Rocket: the making of a space raccoon

10 days ago

nelson : Rocket: the making of a space raccoon - Notes on the Guardians of the Galaxy character, some excellent animation

Google skewed search results

10 days ago

nelson : Google skewed search results - FTC found Google deliberately manipulated ranking to favor its own lower quality properties

Pyramiden photos

11 days ago

nelson : Pyramiden photos - More from the abandoned Russian town in Svalbard

Yield curves

11 days ago

nelson : Yield curves - Nicely done 3d chart

Shower with your dad simulator

11 days ago

nelson : Shower with your dad simulator - Parody games go ++