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2 days ago

nelson : cola.js - constraint based layouts, includes D3 plugin


6 days ago

nelson : BuiltWith - Story of a small tech company

Privacy icons

10 days ago

nelson : Privacy icons - Ideas on something like Creative Commons, but for privacy attestations

38 Studios dirt

13 days ago

nelson : 38 Studios dirt - Details on the failed financing for the game studio

Ad blocking extortion

13 days ago

nelson : Ad blocking extortion - iOS ad blockers already taking payments from advertisers

Uber backup system

13 days ago

nelson : Uber backup system - They use drivers' phones as backup storage to cover datacenter failure

Liquidation preferences

13 days ago

nelson : Liquidation preferences - Details on problematic VC financing

Bloomberg Business on clickfraud

14 days ago

Andy Baio : Bloomberg Business on clickfraud - related: Maciej Ceglowski's What Happens Next Will Amaze You

nelson : Bot ad traffic - Data showing a whole lot of ads are being shown to robots