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Rocks vs School Shooters

14 hours ago

nelson : Rocks vs School Shooters - More American sickness

Details on Uber fatality

14 hours ago

nelson : Details on Uber fatality - Technical details on how a self-driving car should have been able to avoid killing the pedestrian

Jihadi reform in the US

14 hours ago

nelson : Jihadi reform in the US - Detailed story of a Somali-American who got a second chance

Worst of OSM

5 days ago

nelson : Worst of OSM - Screenshots of bad mapping with snarky commentary

About @anonymaps

5 days ago

nelson : About @anonymaps - Interview with some part of the shadowy collective behind a snarky mapping Twitter account

Facebook v Cambridge Analytica

7 days ago

nelson : Facebook v Cambridge Analytica - Facebook finally suspends the sleazy political firm

Stormy Daniels' agency

8 days ago

nelson : Stormy Daniels' agency - Excellent editorial about how the President's sex worker is playing her hand very smart, exploiting Trump's own shtick

Private drone ATC

14 days ago

nelson : Private drone ATC - Tech companies building their own systems to manage flying UAVs