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Dragon Age art extracts

9 hours ago

nelson : Dragon Age art extracts - Art from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The very bottom (oldest posts) have some of the most beautiful stuff.

Corpus of Historical American English

1 days ago

nelson : Corpus of Historical American English - 400 million words in American usage, for download

Dem Tull Pitcairn

1 days ago

nelson : Dem Tull Pitcairn - Newspaper from tiny Pitcairn Island; the PDF downloads include samples of the local creole

Smart TV malware

2 days ago

nelson : Smart TV malware - Webapps embedded in TV broadcasts are exploitable

Butane hash oil

2 days ago

nelson : Butane hash oil - Modern marijuana industry manages to turn weed into something like crack

"Rough Rides"

3 days ago

nelson : "Rough Rides" - Police assault prisoners with their police vans

Leaked Lyft financials

4 days ago

nelson : Leaked Lyft financials - Inside view of the ridesharing company

6 square meter wall map

4 days ago

nelson : 6 square meter wall map - Printing a giant, detailed map for the wall

Census bump chart in D3

4 days ago

nelson : Census bump chart in D3 - Famous historical visualization recreated in Javascript

Basketball to ice hockey

5 days ago

nelson : Basketball to ice hockey - Neat animation showing them laying down an ice floor

Bud Light: rape beer

6 days ago

nelson : Bud Light: rape beer - Stupid marketing campaign

OSM data formats

6 days ago

nelson : OSM data formats - Alternate representations of map data


6 days ago

nelson : SkySurvey - a 5000 megapixel image of the night sky

Photographing the full night sky

6 days ago

nelson : Photographing the full night sky - Details of an amateur's quest to photograph the Earth's entire sky at night


7 days ago

nelson : Humaniterrain - Stamen makes a free / open terrain map for Nepal

URI Templates

8 days ago

nelson : URI Templates - RFC 6570, a standard way to encode query requests RESTfully

The Twelve-Factor App

8 days ago

nelson : The Twelve-Factor App - Guidelines for building software as a service

SF homelessness

9 days ago

nelson : SF homelessness - Thoughtful letter about San Francisco's greatest shame

GitHub DDOS statistics

10 days ago

nelson : GitHub DDOS statistics - Excellent detailed info from Google

Kubernetes and Borg

10 days ago

nelson : Kubernetes and Borg - Details on how the open source Borg equivalent compares

US political polarization

10 days ago

nelson : US political polarization - Visualization of the separation in Congress

Ancestry destroyed data

10 days ago

nelson : Ancestry destroyed data - Export tool didn't include any of the text

Android = Calvin

10 days ago

nelson : Android = Calvin - Hilarious vulgar Google Maps graffiti


11 days ago

nelson : TextBar - Put text in a Mac menu bar

Ted Cruz gay scandal

11 days ago

nelson : Ted Cruz gay scandal - Not really a scandal; he's just happy to have gay friends while openly discriminating against gay people