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Reddit FCC rebellion

13 hours ago

nelson : Reddit FCC rebellion - FCC Commissioner does a bad IAmA on Reddit, gets called out


14 hours ago

nelson : GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT - Parody game, MLG montages made playable

Solving Earth Problems

2 days ago

nelson : Solving Earth Problems - Various tools for dealing with spatial data; spatial indices, etc

Reed Software Design Studio

2 days ago

nelson : Reed Software Design Studio - A project I'm helping set up at my old alma mater

Uber financials leak

2 days ago

nelson : Uber financials leak - Details of revenue, etc for Dec 2013

PS4 vs XBone

2 days ago

nelson : PS4 vs XBone - A year later, they are more or less the same

Fake journal accepts troll paper

2 days ago

nelson : Fake journal accepts troll paper - David Mazières up to some hilarious pranksterism

Browser Unicode normalization

3 days ago

nelson : Browser Unicode normalization - WebKit browsers screw up user input when POSTing data to a server

open address machine

3 days ago

nelson : open address machine - Migurski's work on OpenAddresses automation

Vib-Ribbon revival

3 days ago

nelson : Vib-Ribbon revival - Odd story of a quirky Playstation games

SF poop map

4 days ago

nelson : SF poop map - San Francisco, the city where people shit on the sidewalks

Uber vs another journalist

4 days ago

nelson : Uber vs another journalist - More concerns that Uber may misuse its rider data

ASL writing systems

4 days ago

nelson : ASL writing systems - Overview of various options for writing ASL

ASL Wikipedia

4 days ago

nelson : ASL Wikipedia - One approach to transcribing a sign language to web pages


5 days ago

nelson : HandBrakeBatch - Fix the one drawback of HandBrake

Uber opposition research

5 days ago

nelson : Uber opposition research - Yet more evidence of a corrupt internal culture

Uber CEO profile

6 days ago

nelson : Uber CEO profile - Great article by @elcush about Travis Kalanick, the thorny guy in charge

Scarlett profile

6 days ago

nelson : Scarlett profile - Excellent detailed article about a top Starcraft 2 player


6 days ago

nelson : Smarf - Worth a reload or three


6 days ago

nelson : psDooM - Funny old hack; kill processes by playing the FPS game

SpaceQuest Ltd

6 days ago

nelson : SpaceQuest Ltd - Satellite company that provides AIS monitoring to track ship postions

Satellite visualization

6 days ago

nelson : Satellite visualization - Every satellite in orbit, graphed by altitude

Twitter election shenanigans

6 days ago

nelson : Twitter election shenanigans - GOP posted information they couldn't share privately in public, but only barely

MSN Messenger's last gasps

7 days ago

nelson : MSN Messenger's last gasps - Apparently Microsoft is shutting down service; a bunch of third party clients broke this week

TCPINC working group

8 days ago

nelson : TCPINC working group - IETF group to add encryption extensions to TCP