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5 hours ago

nelson : Loopy - Simple differential equation systems simulator

Geosync satellite database

9 hours ago

nelson : Geosync satellite database - Query for geosynchronous satellite slots, no login required

Geosync orbital slots

10 hours ago

nelson : Geosync orbital slots - Crowded space real estate is administered by the ITU

Google + Howard

1 days ago

nelson : Google + Howard - Google partners with Howard University in a diversity initiative

Origins of The Expanse

1 days ago

nelson : Origins of The Expanse - History of how the novels / TV show got started as a game world setting

Cloud9's business

3 days ago

nelson : Cloud9's business - Profile of one of the better maanaged eSports teams

District plans by the hundredweight

4 days ago

nelson : District plans by the hundredweight - Experiments with randomly generating voting districts

The Weight of Oneself

6 days ago

nelson : The Weight of Oneself - Male nude sculpture in Lyon

Nevada County racism

6 days ago

nelson : Nevada County racism - Locals mistake Sikh business owner for another Sikh 100 miles away

Ken Rudolph sample reel

7 days ago

nelson : Ken Rudolph sample reel - Friend of mine's film editing work in the 70s-80s

UI saves lives

7 days ago

nelson : UI saves lives - Story about why landing gear levers are shaped like wheels

Caramel Curves

7 days ago

nelson : Caramel Curves - Bad-ass New Orleans motorcycle club

Formal US apology

7 days ago

nelson : Formal US apology - Trump's minions insult the UK, have to apologize

Political polarization in media

8 days ago

nelson : Political polarization in media - Major new Columbia Journalism Review study of politics in American media


9 days ago

nelson : Auto-Redistrict - A redistricting simulator / genetic algorithm toy. Has lots of data embedded in it.

Public Mapping election data

9 days ago

nelson : Public Mapping election data - Very detailed records on elections, districts, etc

Swiss languages

9 days ago

nelson : Swiss languages - Map mixing language and terrain

CBP seizures

10 days ago

nelson : CBP seizures - Art photos of personal items taken by border patrol

Seattle synagogue vandalism

10 days ago

nelson : Seattle synagogue vandalism - Yet more hate

Prevarication on wiretapping

11 days ago

nelson : Prevarication on wiretapping - Redefining what Trump meant

Deconstructed Planet

11 days ago

nelson : Deconstructed Planet - Bill Morris' gallery of machine learning art with planet imagery

LGBT center vandalism

12 days ago

nelson : LGBT center vandalism - Trump Era wave of attacks against LGBT facilities

Voter fraud investigation update

12 days ago

nelson : Voter fraud investigation update - tl;dr: Trump/Pence is doing nothing

Social media and politics

13 days ago

nelson : Social media and politics - Comparisons of Europe and the US

Horizon Zero Dawn road trip

13 days ago

nelson : Horizon Zero Dawn road trip - Popular new game is based on Colorado/Arizona/Utah