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Tor is being attacked

2 hours ago

nelson : Tor is being attacked - There were warnings this was coming

Sony hack overview

4 hours ago

nelson : Sony hack overview - Excellent timeline of events from a Redditor

On PewDiePie

11 hours ago

nelson : On PewDiePie - Explaining the appeal of one of YouTube's biggest things

On Internet outrage

1 days ago

nelson : On Internet outrage - Remarkably thoughtful piece from Sam Biddle about pitchfork-wielding mobs

Andy Baio : Sam Biddle on stirring and receiving Internet outrage - feels like this is a rite of passage for every outgoing Valleywag editor

28x collateral damage

1 days ago

nelson : 28x collateral damage - Drone strikes: 27 other people killed for every 1 target

North Korea v Sony

2 days ago

nelson : North Korea v Sony - FBI offers some info on the evidence for the unprecedented acquisition

The year of outrage 2014

3 days ago

nelson : The year of outrage 2014 - Clever roundup feature


4 days ago

nelson : Shitpics - A new trend towards degraded meme images

Andy Baio : The Awl on Shitpics - the artifacts of any media format define its aesthetic like a cultural permalink

United States of Torture

4 days ago

nelson : United States of Torture - Majority of Americans in almost every demographic agree torture is sometimes justified

Alexis Madrigal on Uber vs. Portland

5 days ago

Andy Baio : Alexis Madrigal on Uber vs. Portland - compare that to its relationship with Airbnb

nelson : Uber vs PDX - Details of the broken neogtiation

Top Star Trek episodes

6 days ago

nelson : Top Star Trek episodes - Every single episode ranked. (SFW despite host.)

Tech policies on employee data access

6 days ago

nelson : Tech policies on employee data access - What companies have thought through privacy of their customers from employees?

Cheney on Torture

6 days ago

nelson : Cheney on Torture - Analysis of his appearance on Sunday TV

Unthinkable (2010)

6 days ago

nelson : Unthinkable (2010) - A really disturbing but interesting film about torture

A Brenham synagogue

7 days ago

nelson : A Brenham synagogue - Jewish community near Houston has slowly shrunk, so they are moving the synagogue

Bad Christmas cartoons

8 days ago

nelson : Bad Christmas cartoons - Metafilter roundup of 80s schlock

Wikipedia calumny

10 days ago

nelson : Wikipedia calumny - Great paradox that such a terrible community produces a mostly great resource

CIA director's lying testimony

10 days ago

nelson : CIA director's lying testimony - Details of the ways Hayden lied to the Senate

More on CHP cop thug

10 days ago

nelson : More on CHP cop thug - KTVU stands behind story that an undercover CHP officer went way over the line

Tuxedo No.2

10 days ago

nelson : Tuxedo No.2 - Lovely classic cocktail site

Auto-Password Change

11 days ago

nelson : Auto-Password Change - LastPass moves further in to turning passwords into an actual authentication protocol

Google ad coloring

12 days ago

nelson : Google ad coloring - 12 years of data on how Google's ads have started to blend in to the page

Roman Empire map 211 AD

12 days ago

nelson : Roman Empire map 211 AD - Lovely detailed historical map

Pardon Bush?

12 days ago

nelson : Pardon Bush? - Provocative argument to pardon the people responsible for torture

Torture report problems

14 days ago

nelson : Torture report problems - Last ditch effort by the Obama Administration to prevent the release of the torture report