16 year old Canadian vs Milo

20 hours ago

nelson : 16 year old Canadian vs Milo - The video that surfaced was found by a liberal-leading young Canadian woman

The Comey Letter Debacle

2 days ago

nelson : The Comey Letter Debacle - Yet another take on the FBI meddling in the election

Russian flag prank

2 days ago

nelson : Russian flag prank - Nice bit of culture jamming at CPAC

United to Protect Democracy

2 days ago

nelson : United to Protect Democracy - Watchdog group checking on the Trump administration's ethics compliance

Domestic ID checks

3 days ago

nelson : Domestic ID checks - Update on the domestic flight where passengers had to show documentation on landing at JFK

Manafort blackmailed

3 days ago

nelson : Manafort blackmailed - More details of unsavory Russian/Ukrainian business of Trump's campaign chairman