Python Anaconda

3 hours ago

nelson : Python Anaconda - Distribution of Python with many data analysis packages pre-installed

openaddresses CI

3 hours ago

nelson : openaddresses CI - Automated system to run data sources for OpenAddresses and report results to github pull requests

Sexual fluidity

4 hours ago

nelson : Sexual fluidity - Nice essay in praise of men relaxing a bit about gay/straight identity

Greek debt timetable

5 hours ago

nelson : Greek debt timetable - Simple visualizations of what payments are due when

RIP Charanjit Singh

5 hours ago

nelson : RIP Charanjit Singh - Brief obituary for an Indian man who accidentally invented acid house music only no one noticed

La Monte Young profile

5 hours ago

nelson : La Monte Young profile - Nice update on a difficult composer

Nintendo Playstation

6 hours ago

nelson : Nintendo Playstation - Rare obscure prototype hardware found

Private stock scrutiny

7 hours ago

nelson : Private stock scrutiny - Startup shares are trading hands and the SEC is concerned

Hacking Team hacked

7 hours ago

nelson : Hacking Team hacked - Gross company that provides computer intrusion services for repressive governments is itself hacked, customers revealed

Calvin and Markov

7 hours ago

nelson : Calvin and Markov - Random comic generator

Andy Baio : Calvin and Markov - Markov-generated comics from Josh Millard, creator of Garkov

Slavery and the Declaration of Independence

1 days ago

nelson : Slavery and the Declaration of Independence - Jefferson drafted an anti-slavery paragraph which was removed

Gluten myth

1 days ago

nelson : Gluten myth - Op/ed on evolution, diet, and immunity

git backends

1 days ago

nelson : git backends - Alternate git implementations store data in databases instead of files


1 days ago

nelson : Tama-chan - Economist obituary for a Japanese cat

Witcher 2: the novel

2 days ago

nelson : Witcher 2: the novel - Funny parody

4th of July fireworks

2 days ago

nelson : 4th of July fireworks - A celebration of vernacular design

React’s diff algorithm

2 days ago

nelson : React’s diff algorithm - Details of how React uses a virtual DOM for performance