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Cindy Brewer profile

14 hours ago

nelson : Cindy Brewer profile - Geography professor behind the excellent perceptual color scales

Playboy on LoL

15 hours ago

nelson : Playboy on LoL - SFW: great profile of eSports, Cloud 9

X-37B orbit

16 hours ago

nelson : X-37B orbit - Secret military spaceplane flew around 400 km, 43° inclination

eSports in Korea

1 days ago

nelson : eSports in Korea - Some coverage of the gaming phenomenon

Robot space plan returns home

1 days ago

nelson : Robot space plan returns home - 2 years in orbit for X-37B, running autonomously, now it's back

Twitter Block Bot

2 days ago

nelson : Twitter Block Bot - A spam filter of sorts for Twitter, blocking anti-feminist obsessives

Justin Hall at XOXO

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Justin Hall at XOXO - We're posting every XOXO talk on YouTube, one every weekday in speaker order, and we're a little over halfway through. There's some really amazing stuff in there already, it's hard for me to even pick favorites. Jonathan Mann and Gina Trapani are personal


2 days ago

Andy Baio : Cursors - collaborative multiplayer game

Runnin' On Empty

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Runnin' On Empty - Dave Fothergill's Maya crowd simulation is hilarious and hypnotic: But it's missing a soundtrack, don't you think? Here, I made one for it over on

Slovakian Tokaj

2 days ago

nelson : Slovakian Tokaj - They make dessert wine like Hungarian Tokaji in Slovakia

UDP in practice

3 days ago

nelson : UDP in practice - Some data for low bandwidth UDP uses