Franz messaging

4 hours ago

nelson : Franz messaging - A new approach to multiprotocol chat; basically a full web browser

More on Trump/Russia

11 hours ago

nelson : More on Trump/Russia - Former NSA analyst says there's lots of hard intelligence of collusion


1 days ago

nelson : Loopy - Simple differential equation systems simulator

Geosync satellite database

2 days ago

nelson : Geosync satellite database - Query for geosynchronous satellite slots, no login required

Geosync orbital slots

2 days ago

nelson : Geosync orbital slots - Crowded space real estate is administered by the ITU

Google + Howard

3 days ago

nelson : Google + Howard - Google partners with Howard University in a diversity initiative

Origins of The Expanse

3 days ago

nelson : Origins of The Expanse - History of how the novels / TV show got started as a game world setting