Shuffleboard At McMurdo

12 days ago

nelson : Shuffleboard At McMurdo - Installment 1 of Maciej's kickstarter travelogue to Antarctica

Andy Baio : Shuffleboard At McMurdo - the first dispatch from Maciej Ceglowski's Kickstarter-funded trip to Antarctica

US mobile passport

6 month ago

nelson : US mobile passport - American customs has an iPhone app for faster clearance

Tristan shipping news

6 month ago

nelson : Tristan shipping news - Arrivals and departures from a remote island community

Time scale BART map

6 month ago

nelson : Time scale BART map - Transit map scaled to travel time

Hate Selling

10 month ago

nelson : Hate Selling - The peculiarly hostile way travel products are sold online

Old Spanish Trail

10 month ago

nelson : Old Spanish Trail - 100 year old American highway

1881 isochrone map

13 month ago

nelson : 1881 isochrone map - How long it took to travel from Europe

High-speed rail in Europe

21 month ago

nelson : High-speed rail in Europe - Decent map with a system overview

Maciej Ceglowski in Yemen

23 month ago

Andy Baio : Maciej Ceglowski in Yemen - incredibly gripping writing; more on Sana'a water crisis

nelson : Visiting Sana'a - Maciej Ceglowski goes to Yeme

Atlas Obscura

31 month ago

nelson : Atlas Obscura - Obscure, bizarre travel destinations

Diary of a Misanthrope

37 month ago

nelson : Diary of a Misanthrope - Blog from a guy who killed his wife and then travelled the world on her money. Details at

A Little Bit of Control

44 month ago

Anil : A Little Bit of Control - When I used to fly a lot, people would ask me why I was such a big fan of Virgin America. Some of it is the usual stuff — they have wifi and power outlets, and travel to the cities I visit most often. But the crux of why I like their brand taught me

Faroe Islands

44 month ago

nelson : Faroe Islands - One of the coolest places I've visited

Paris by Mouth restaurant guide

48 month ago

nelson : Paris by Mouth restaurant guide - Looks useful and relatively up to date

Airship interiors

49 month ago

nelson : Airship interiors - Cruise ships once floated through the sky

Triposo demo

49 month ago

nelson : Triposo demo - Innovative iPhone travel app

Verizon: $0.25/MB international

50 month ago

nelson : Verizon: $0.25/MB international - That new roaming rate is half the current price, a quarter last year's

World iPhone notes

52 month ago

nelson : World iPhone notes - Great writeup by Matt on using an unlocked iPhone

Virgin Galactic Spaceport

56 month ago

nelson : Virgin Galactic Spaceport - I'm glad someone's funding this kind of thing

50 breakfasts

56 month ago

nelson : 50 breakfasts - Interesting roundup of food photos

iPhone 4S unlocked

56 month ago

nelson : iPhone 4S unlocked - Sprint and Verizon will let you use your own SIMs internationally

Waxy's PDX geek guide

57 month ago

nelson : Waxy's PDX geek guide - Great suggestions for food, geek sights, etc in Portland

Andy Baio : Geek's Guide to Portland 2011 - I have a bunch of friends coming into town for ROFLCon Summit on Saturday, and rather than email them my suggestions of stuff to do in Portland, I thought I'd make it public. This is my guide to PDX for people like me: people who geek out about good food

WikiTravel Tromsø

60 month ago

nelson : WikiTravel Tromsø - A very funny travel guide

San Francisco Pet Friendly Hotels | Cavallo Point Lodge | Sausalito Hotels | Dogs Play

60 month ago

joshua : San Francisco Pet Friendly Hotels | Cavallo Point Lodge | Sausalito Hotels | Dogs Play

Travel philosophy

62 month ago

nelson : Travel philosophy - Interesting post from Justin halfway around the world; how to pick destinations when you have no particular plan