Google + Howard

14 month ago

nelson : Google + Howard - Google partners with Howard University in a diversity initiative

White supremacists in Silicon Valley

15 month ago

nelson : White supremacists in Silicon Valley - Interviews with misogynists and racists who work in tech

Cuban apps

15 month ago

nelson : Cuban apps - How Cubans cope with smartphones that can't practically have data connections

Tech companies on immigration

16 month ago

nelson : Tech companies on immigration - Amicus brief filed on behalf of most of the tech industry

Github vs trolls

18 month ago

nelson : Github vs trolls - Company takes steps to address its misogyny problem

Diversity in Tech

19 month ago

nelson : Diversity in Tech - Funny because it's true

New York-Style Tech

22 month ago

Anil : New York-Style Tech - A technology community driven by values, not just profits. I’ve been part of the New York City tech scene for more than 15 years, from back when it was “Silicon Alley” trying to be an imitation of the West Coast, to its more recent it

Facebook diversity comment

23 month ago

nelson : Facebook diversity comment - More details of disappointment

"advice" for aspiring tech bloggers

24 month ago

nelson : "advice" for aspiring tech bloggers - Thoughtful words from a masterful writer in a medium that should be more popular

Minnie Ingersoll on gender and tech

26 month ago

nelson : Minnie Ingersoll on gender and tech - Thoughtful essay on aggression in the tech industry

Quantified shitlords

28 month ago

nelson : Quantified shitlords - R programmer investigates the hateful comments he gets

Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?

28 month ago

nelson : Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders? - Detailed story on tech diversity


32 month ago

nelson : BuiltWith - Story of a small tech company

Gurus of Multimedia Gulch

33 month ago

nelson : Gurus of Multimedia Gulch - NYTimes 1994 about what is now the SF SOMA tech scene

Amazon management

34 month ago

nelson : Amazon management - Long, detailed view in how Amazon is run

Pure Storage IPO

34 month ago

nelson : Pure Storage IPO - Interesting tech infrastructure company going public

New Techies of DC

36 month ago

nelson : New Techies of DC - Profile of the tech talent the Obama administration has been hiring to improve government

Late stage fundraising

38 month ago

nelson : Late stage fundraising - Growing trend to very large private financing for tech companies

Tech stock secondary market

38 month ago

nelson : Tech stock secondary market - The wild and wooly world of non-public securities

Magic Leap details

42 month ago

nelson : Magic Leap details - Info on the mysterious augmented reality startup

Hire More Women In Tech

43 month ago

nelson : Hire More Women In Tech - A list of simple things companies can do

sexism 1.0

43 month ago

nelson : sexism 1.0 - Stories of sexual harassment in tech journalism

10 ways to be a male advocate

44 month ago

nelson : 10 ways to be a male advocate - Simple, actionable ways men can help women in tech

Why nerd culture must die

44 month ago

nelson : Why nerd culture must die - "We’re still behaving like the rebel alliance, but now we’re the Empire."

Grass Valley tech history

45 month ago

nelson : Grass Valley tech history - Seems random, but the Sierra has a little high tech center