Minnie Ingersoll on gender and tech

21 days ago

nelson : Minnie Ingersoll on gender and tech - Thoughtful essay on aggression in the tech industry

Airbnb lies

3 month ago

nelson : Airbnb lies - Company cooked its data in NYC to make it look better

Zenefits fraud

3 month ago

nelson : Zenefits fraud - Selling insurance with unlicensed salespeople

Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?

3 month ago

nelson : Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders? - Detailed story on tech diversity

Fuck Your 90 Day Exercise Window

4 month ago

nelson : Fuck Your 90 Day Exercise Window - A critique of a common gotcha in tech industry compensation

Fin-tech: The first venture capitalists

4 month ago

nelson : Fin-tech: The first venture capitalists - Whaling origins of profit sharing and other VC-backed financial structure

Do the math on your stock options

4 month ago

nelson : Do the math on your stock options - An engineer talking candidly about equity compensation

Worthless startup stock

4 month ago

nelson : Worthless startup stock - Downrounds and low acquisition prices make for screwed employees

Square IPO vs valuation

6 month ago

nelson : Square IPO vs valuation - Significantly lower price than private investors paid


7 month ago

nelson : BuiltWith - Story of a small tech company

Liquidation preferences

7 month ago

nelson : Liquidation preferences - Details on problematic VC financing

Pure Storage IPO

9 month ago

nelson : Pure Storage IPO - Interesting tech infrastructure company going public

Uber financials leak

9 month ago

nelson : Uber financials leak - Shitty this got out there, but it is fascinating

Pinterest 7 year options

9 month ago

nelson : Pinterest 7 year options - Startup does a nice thing in giving their employees freedom to leave

Private stock scrutiny

10 month ago

nelson : Private stock scrutiny - Startup shares are trading hands and the SEC is concerned

Private companies lie

11 month ago

nelson : Private companies lie - Financials from startups can be complete fiction

Everpix shutdown

11 month ago

nelson : Everpix shutdown - Great story from 2013 of a failed photo sharing company

Turntable postmortem

11 month ago

nelson : Turntable postmortem - Nice writeup of a failed social music startup

Leaked Lyft financials

12 month ago

nelson : Leaked Lyft financials - Inside view of the ridesharing company

Jack on Square

13 month ago

nelson : Jack on Square - Great new article about how the payment company is doing

Get Satisfaction comments

13 month ago

nelson : Get Satisfaction comments - Overview and detail of the startup firesale from Lane Becker

Stewart B. on money

13 month ago

nelson : Stewart B. on money - Nice to see a humble perspective

Late stage fundraising

13 month ago

nelson : Late stage fundraising - Growing trend to very large private financing for tech companies

Growth of tech stock secondary market

13 month ago

nelson : Growth of tech stock secondary market - More info on trends in startup financing, raising money directly through SPV funds

Chris Sacca profile

13 month ago

nelson : Chris Sacca profile - Angel investor, financier, former Googler