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WhatsApp founding

2 month ago

nelson : WhatsApp founding - Details on Jan Koum and the origin of WhatsApp

Tech Mixer

2 month ago

nelson : Tech Mixer - Hilarious article about some startup party thing

Jon Mills fraud?

3 month ago

nelson : Jon Mills fraud? - Alleged investment fraud with Motionloft, a tech startup

Samsung's startup plans

4 month ago

nelson : Samsung's startup plans - Buried in the bottom is news about Samsung's new startup incubator in the US

Engineer’s guide to Stock Options

4 month ago

nelson : Engineer’s guide to Stock Options - Basic intro, useful if not complete

Grindr interview

5 month ago

nelson : Grindr interview - Great details on the Internet's sleaziest social network

Adam Messinger in the Oregonian

5 month ago

nelson : Adam Messinger in the Oregonian - Local boy makes good at Twitter!

Uber's revenue leaks

5 month ago

nelson : Uber's revenue leaks - 800,000 rides and $20M / week

TXTmob and Twitter

6 month ago

nelson : TXTmob and Twitter - A description of one of the projects that helped inspire Twitter

Billion dollar startups

6 month ago

nelson : Billion dollar startups - Nice analysis of 39 very successful startups

Options to RSUs

8 month ago

nelson : Options to RSUs - A shift in equity compensation

reddit myth busters

9 month ago

nelson : reddit myth busters - Overview of the corporate structure, goals, profitability

Google as legal incubator

9 month ago

nelson : Google as legal incubator - Various innovative lawyers who passed through Google

Daily Dot on the pre-history of Tumblr

11 month ago

Andy Baio : Daily Dot on the pre-history of Tumblr - interviews with the guys behind anarchaia and Projectionist

nelson : Origins of tumbelogs - Remembering Anarchia, Projectionist

Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success

13 month ago

Anil : Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success - Having had the good fortune to work with a broad range of entrepreneurs and get a front-row seat to the foundations of their success, I thought it'd be good to share 10 key tips that I've found work 100% of the time to increase your odds of startup succes

To Less Efficient Startups

19 month ago

Anil : To Less Efficient Startups - Most of the technology world, especially the traditional venture funding infrastructure, is justifiably proud of the extreme efficiency of modern internet startups. It is a triumph for Craigslist to serve hundreds of millions of users with only a few doze

Billiant Jerk

19 month ago

nelson : Billiant Jerk - Terminate problem employees, even if they're technically great

Renren history

19 month ago

nelson : Renren history - Details of the messy founding of China's Facebook

Sina Weibo's 3rd birthday

20 month ago

nelson : Sina Weibo's 3rd birthday - Update on the enormous Chinese Twitter-like service

OnLive details

20 month ago

nelson : OnLive details - Some gossipy insight into the failure of an innovative games company

Andy Baio : The Verge on the unraveling of OnLive - they were burning through $5M/month, with only 1,600 concurrent players

Intellectual Ventures profile

20 month ago

nelson : Intellectual Ventures profile - Details on the patent troll company

Who Cares If Samsung Copied Apple?

20 month ago

nelson : Who Cares If Samsung Copied Apple? - Very clearly argued case against IP maximalism

Being deaf

23 month ago

nelson : Being deaf - Very personal account of being a deaf engineer at a startup

Ben Horowitz on Instagram

24 month ago

nelson : Ben Horowitz on Instagram - Completely classy and clear explanation of how the VC handled a conflict

Andreessen Horowitz and Instagram

24 month ago

nelson : Andreessen Horowitz and Instagram - Funny story about VC conflicts. Still, their "failure" netted a $50m+ return