Niemen Lab interviews Jason Kottke about blogging in a post-blogging world

2 month ago

Andy Baio : Niemen Lab interviews Jason Kottke about blogging in a post-blogging world - interesting to hear how membership made writing viable for him again

nelson : at 20 - Thoughtful interview with Jason Kottke about old school blogging and Internet media

Comcast Javascript injection

5 month ago

nelson : Comcast Javascript injection - Ads from your ISP. Scroll down for the link to the RFC

Spacewar tournament 1972

5 month ago

nelson : Spacewar tournament 1972 - Very first esports competition, with Stewart Brand at the center

The Digital Antiquarian’s series on the history of pre-WWW networks

6 month ago

Andy Baio : The Digital Antiquarian’s series on the history of pre-WWW networks - Jimmy Maher turns his eye from history of computer games to the proto-internet

nelson : A Net Before the Web - Series of blog posts about pre-Web infosystems. First post is on The Source

Comcast vs Fort Collins

6 month ago

nelson : Comcast vs Fort Collins - Monopoly ISP tries to block community broadband

A Serf on Google’s Farm

8 month ago

nelson : A Serf on Google’s Farm - Details of just how much market power Google has


8 month ago

nelson : Kiwix - Offline Wikipedia. Free iOS app.

Wave gigabit Internet

9 month ago

nelson : Wave gigabit Internet - A second option for fast fiber ISP in the Bay Area

Build a Better Monster

12 month ago

nelson : Build a Better Monster - Maciej on Internet technology, politics, privacy. Very thoughtful

Networking Zine

15 month ago

nelson : Networking Zine - Basics of how the Internet works in zine form

State of BGP

15 month ago

nelson : State of BGP - A New Year's reflection on Internet routing

About Snopes

16 month ago

nelson : About Snopes - Some detail about the people behind the fact-checking website

16 month ago

nelson : - Free service to locate IP addresses

Rise and Fall of ARPANET

17 month ago

nelson : Rise and Fall of ARPANET - Article about the animated GIF of the growth of the early internet

Internet growth 1969-1989

17 month ago

nelson : Internet growth 1969-1989 - Animated GIF

BBS history

18 month ago

nelson : BBS history - Nice overview of early social media

Offline Movie Reviews

19 month ago

nelson : Offline Movie Reviews - A project demonstration data scraping and mobile access without Internet

Internet Trolls and election

20 month ago

nelson : Internet Trolls and election - More details on 4chan trolling, pepe

Adblock Plus sells ads

20 month ago

nelson : Adblock Plus sells ads - Completely sleazy evolution; stealing revenue from publishers

WeChat’s world

21 month ago

nelson : WeChat’s world - overview of a very popular social / payment app in China

Ubiquiti Amplifi

21 month ago

nelson : Ubiquiti Amplifi - A new home wifi network system that implements mesh networking

DNS Privacy

23 month ago

nelson : DNS Privacy - Speculation on privacy-preserving DNS systems

The Green Papers

24 month ago

nelson : The Green Papers - Political wonk site, old school web

BGP in 2015

27 month ago

nelson : BGP in 2015 - Excellent data on a core Internet protocol


28 month ago

nelson : Chanterculture - A reactionary counterculture on the Internet, connections to Trump's popularity