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BCP 38

27 days ago

nelson : BCP 38 - Basic protection from DDoS; dates back to RFC2827. Not widely implemented.

Meetup DDoS

2 month ago

nelson : Meetup DDoS - Rare case of a company going public about being extorted

Netflix/Comcast update

2 month ago

nelson : Netflix/Comcast update - Details about the net neutrality battle (WSJ paywall)

AOL's 401(k)

2 month ago

nelson : AOL's 401(k) - Tim Armstrong saying things no CEO should, at least not out loud

Wedding Etiquette with Justin Hall - DRAFT pre-color and background

4 month ago

nelson : Wedding Etiquette with Justin Hall - DRAFT pre-color and background - Hilarious video from an early Internet dude

MITM attacks in the wild

5 month ago

nelson : MITM attacks in the wild - Results from BGP surveillance

TCP in online games

5 month ago

nelson : TCP in online games - Analysis of protocol effectiveness (dated?)

Digital Attack Map

6 month ago

nelson : Digital Attack Map - Google's view of DDOS activity around the globe


8 month ago

Andy Baio : PRSM - "Share to your heart's content."

nelson : GetPRSM - NSA's illegal spying activity is the newest hot startup!

BGP spoofing

8 month ago

nelson : BGP spoofing - Readable overview of a fundamental design problem in the Internet

10 Rules of Internet

9 month ago

Anil : 10 Rules of Internet - In my years working in technology, I have learned a few things. These lessons have become oft-repeated refrains when speaking to people, so I thought I'd collect them so I have a link to send folks when needed. Given enough time, any object which can ge


10 month ago

nelson : QUIC - Experimental web protocol, UDP based

Chinese equivalent websites

11 month ago

nelson : Chinese equivalent websites - List of Chinese equivalents to American websites


11 month ago

nelson : Tumbalog - Merlin Mann and I dredged up our idea to build something like Tumblr, just before Tumblr launched

US v Paramount

12 month ago

nelson : US v Paramount - Supreme Court anti-trust case ruled that movie studios couldn't own theaters. Relevant to online distribution today.

Alibaba buys 18% of Weibo

12 month ago

nelson : Alibaba buys 18% of Weibo - Huge news in the Chinese Internet scene; as if eBay bought a bunch of Twitter

Happy Eyeballs

12 month ago

nelson : Happy Eyeballs - How to choose between two possible network protocols. Try both!

Google IPv6 stats

12 month ago

nelson : Google IPv6 stats - Over 1% of Google's users now have IPv6 capability

Twitter keyword ads

12 month ago

nelson : Twitter keyword ads - Twitter's ad platform keeps getting better

Internet Census 2012

13 month ago

nelson : Internet Census 2012 - Researcher builds botnet to analyze the internet

Central Valley broadband project

15 month ago

nelson : Central Valley broadband project - Bringing a big ass fiber cable through lots of rural california

Girls of the Internet (1996)

16 month ago

nelson : Girls of the Internet (1996) - SFW edit of embarrassingly bad Playboy video

Syria Internet shutdown

17 month ago

nelson : Syria Internet shutdown - Trying to retain control in civil war

AT&T leaving copper

18 month ago

nelson : AT&T leaving copper - Wired infrastructure is too valuable to leave to a single private company

Sandy network outages

18 month ago

nelson : Sandy network outages - Visualization of hurricane's impact on the Internet