.SUCKS shakedown

17 days ago

nelson : .SUCKS shakedown - New TLD seems to exist solely for extortion

IPv4 address market

22 days ago

nelson : IPv4 address market - Romanians selling 32 bit numbers for $10/addresses

DDoS visualization

1 month ago

nelson : DDoS visualization - Global statistics; the attack types graph is particularly interesting

Chinese Mobile App UI Trends

1 month ago

nelson : Chinese Mobile App UI Trends - Invaluably detailed info for how Chinese mobile apps differ from US

Reddit's moderation problem

2 month ago

nelson : Reddit's moderation problem - Great article about the troublesome but productive community

mathowie leaving metafilter

2 month ago

nelson : mathowie leaving metafilter - The founder and operator of my favorite online community is moving on

Andy Baio : Matt Haughey retires from Metafilter - 16 years is a long time, and he's handling the transition in the best way possible

Internet Resistance

3 month ago

nelson : Internet Resistance - Fun looking art class at CMU

BART WiFi update

4 month ago

nelson : BART WiFi update - The company they chose to install has failed to deliver

O3b Networks

5 month ago

nelson : O3b Networks - Satellite Internet from Medium Earth Orbit; better latency than geosync

TCPINC working group

5 month ago

nelson : TCPINC working group - IETF group to add encryption extensions to TCP

Long Hazlitt profile on Metafilter

6 month ago

Andy Baio : Long Hazlitt profile on Metafilter - 15 years in, still one of the most powerful examples of a true community online

nelson : Metafilter profile - Long piece about one of my favorite places on the Web

Notes From Behind the Firewall

6 month ago

nelson : Notes From Behind the Firewall - Quick overview of some differences in the parallel Chinese Internet

UDP in practice

6 month ago

nelson : UDP in practice - Some data for low bandwidth UDP uses

BGP 512k problem

7 month ago

nelson : BGP 512k problem - Detailed analysis of the routing problem that screwed the Internet in August 2014

RIP Yahoo Directory

7 month ago

nelson : RIP Yahoo Directory - Yahoo's first product, one of the first Web commercial products ever, at end of life

Andy Baio : Yahoo to close Yahoo directory - the original Yahoo product, killed off in a footnote


7 month ago

nelson : WhatIsMyIPv6? - IP address detector that's IPv6 aware

Wi-Fi Direct

8 month ago

nelson : Wi-Fi Direct - Ad hoc wifi made into a standard

Tom Jennings (1996)

8 month ago

nelson : Tom Jennings (1996) - Early Wired profile of a pioneering network guy

512k BGP route impact

8 month ago

nelson : 512k BGP route impact - Some of the fallout from the routing debacle on the Internet

BGP table size

8 month ago

nelson : BGP table size - A 512,000 BGP route limit is breaking the Internet

512K routes limit

9 month ago

nelson : 512K routes limit - Internet is breaking in various ways because of a static limit in BGP and Cisco routers

NSA knocked Syria offline

9 month ago

nelson : NSA knocked Syria offline - 2012 outage wasn't done by Syrian government; NSA hack team screwed up

Level 3 calls out Verizon

9 month ago

nelson : Level 3 calls out Verizon - Significant Internet backbone provider explains how Verizon is lying about bandwidth

Fastlane ISP

11 month ago

nelson : Fastlane ISP - Parody of what buying Internet may soon look like

Why Perl Didn't Win

11 month ago

nelson : Why Perl Didn't Win - An entire history of Perl written in the past tense