Pinterest 7 year options

Hot ! - 9 minutes ago

nelson : Pinterest 7 year options - Startup does a nice thing in giving their employees freedom to leave

Visual intro to machine learning

18 hours ago

nelson : Visual intro to machine learning - Lovely animated demonstration of decision trees

Mobile device OCR

21 hours ago

nelson : Mobile device OCR - Google Translate on cell phones uses an on-phone neural net to identify letters

LoL competitive rulings

23 hours ago

nelson : LoL competitive rulings - A list of penalties handed out to League of Legends pro players

Creating a Fusion Drive

23 hours ago

nelson : Creating a Fusion Drive - A Mac hack; cleaner instructions than I've seen elsewhere

Windows 10 Solitaire fee

1 days ago

nelson : Windows 10 Solitaire fee - Microsoft's banner stupid game no longer free, now shows ads or costs $10/year

Fighting patent trolls

1 days ago

nelson : Fighting patent trolls - Newegg celebrates yet another victory over stupid patents

Kevin Weil Q&A

1 days ago

nelson : Kevin Weil Q&A - Interview with Twitter's head of product

Uber fakes data

2 days ago

nelson : Uber fakes data - The locations of cars they show you in the app are misleading

Drone racing

2 days ago

nelson : Drone racing - Crazy looking remote controlled flying

Burt Rutan SkiGull

2 days ago

nelson : Burt Rutan SkiGull - Even though he's retired, Rutan still designing crazy aircraft

Road trip novel maps

2 days ago

nelson : Road trip novel maps - Well illustrated stories from Great American Novels

Kimchi Container

2 days ago

nelson : Kimchi Container - Nicely designed plastic fermentation vessel

musl libc

2 days ago

nelson : musl libc - Alternative libc implementation, correct and small and fast

Vegetable Fermentations

2 days ago

nelson : Vegetable Fermentations - More science about pickling vegetables

Microbial lacto-fermentation

2 days ago

nelson : Microbial lacto-fermentation - Most detailed explanation of the science I've seen. Not sure it is correct.

Twitter frat party

2 days ago

nelson : Twitter frat party - No, really, tech company team has a stupid themed party

Terry Tao profile

2 days ago

nelson : Terry Tao profile - Nice portrait of one of the world's top mathematicians

Mike Tyson Bitcoin

2 days ago

nelson : Mike Tyson Bitcoin - Bitcoin is beyond parody. Coming next: Bill Cosby Bitcoin

Miéville on Tolkien

2 days ago

nelson : Miéville on Tolkien - A thoughtful Marxist critique by one fantastical writer of another

2005 talk on SOAP

2 days ago

nelson : 2005 talk on SOAP - My war stories from the web services era; SOAP and WSDL in 2005

Mechanical typewriter bugs

2 days ago

nelson : Mechanical typewriter bugs - Soviet 1970s spy technology

Undoing Google+

2 days ago

nelson : Undoing Google+ - Google finally steps back from requiring Google+ accounts to use a bunch of Google products


2 days ago

nelson : Meshtag - Something like a QR Code, but designed to be easily drawn as a graffiti tag

Against AI weapons

2 days ago

nelson : Against AI weapons - "The key question for humanity today is whether to start a global AI arms race or to prevent it from starting"

Phad Paintings

2 days ago

nelson : Phad Paintings - A traditional Indian storytelling painting / scroll. Rajasthani.

NYT on the legality of Sandra Bland's arrest

2 days ago

Andy Baio : NYT on the legality of Sandra Bland's arrest - straightforward explanation of everything they screwed up

Boing Boing on Manyland, the pixel MMO

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Boing Boing on Manyland, the pixel MMO - amazing to see how it's evolved, the timelapse is beautiful chaos


2 days ago

Andy Baio : PICO-8 - "a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs"

The Verge's web sucks

2 days ago

nelson : The Verge's web sucks - A nice rant against the proliferation of tracking Javascript that weighs down websites

Andy Baio : Les Orchard on the Verge's web tracking - 7MB of Javascript