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Scarlett, Starcraft pro

6 hours ago

nelson : Scarlett, Starcraft pro - One of the strongest players of Starcraft is a transgender woman


6 hours ago

nelson : julybywomen - Women on Metafilter making "posts by women" for the month of July

Game dev sexual harassment

8 hours ago

nelson : Game dev sexual harassment - Ugly stories of experiences women in the games business have

The genius of Weird Al's video blitz

9 hours ago

Andy Baio : The genius of Weird Al's video blitz - RCA refused to pay for music videos, so he partnered with a different portal for every one

Canvas fingerprinting

1 days ago

nelson : Canvas fingerprinting - Yet another web tracking tool; using differences in browser rendering

The Songs that Time Forgot

1 days ago

Andy Baio : The Songs that Time Forgot - Clay Aiken has the most obscure top ten hit of the last 50 years

ScanLine Generator 3000

1 days ago

nelson : ScanLine Generator 3000 - For reproducing the look of crappy old CRTs


1 days ago

nelson : CockroachDB - Some very smart ex-Googlers building an open source robust datastore

Russian MH17 view

1 days ago

nelson : Russian MH17 view - Conspiracy theories in Russian media