Quiet Europeans

21 hours ago

nelson : Quiet Europeans - Reflections on a cultural difference

GeoCities Forever

1 days ago

Andy Baio : GeoCities Forever - neural network-generated web nostalgia  [via]

How Pop Music Evolved

1 days ago

Andy Baio : How Pop Music Evolved - audio/visualization of 
22,000 Billboard hits from 1956 to today


1 days ago

Andy Baio : PocketCHIP - real micro hardware for playing and coding games for the wonderful PICO-8 fantasy console

Further Future

3 days ago

nelson : Further Future - Burning Man for the 1%

Chinese-American websites

3 days ago

nelson : Chinese-American websites - Parallel Internet for Chinese speakers in the US

Robert Burnham Jr

3 days ago

nelson : Robert Burnham Jr - Obit of a famous astronomer. "Burnham spent his last years mostly on a park bench in San Diego selling paintings of cats. He died in 1993 destitute and unnoticed" (quote from Sky & Telescope)

Badger Stewart

3 days ago

nelson : Badger Stewart - Astonishing, well written story about a young man whose father injected him with HIV