Time scale BART map

3 days ago

nelson : Time scale BART map - Transit map scaled to travel time

1B NYC trips

8 days ago

nelson : 1B NYC trips - Taxi and Uber data collected and visualized

SF Prop F vote map

13 days ago

nelson : SF Prop F vote map - Folks in popular neighborhoods voted to limit AirBNB

cartographers without borders

26 days ago

nelson : cartographers without borders - A collection of impractical but beautiful maps

German territorial losses

1 month ago

nelson : German territorial losses - Map of aftermath of WW1, WW2

tmcw on vector tiles

1 month ago

nelson : tmcw on vector tiles - some of the philosophy behind modern map rendering technology

NAD27 (map)

2 month ago

nelson : NAD27 (map) - Actual surveyor's work measuring the country

Mapping Immigrant America

3 month ago

nelson : Mapping Immigrant America - Dot map featuring immigrants to the US

What 3 Emojis?

3 month ago

nelson : What 3 Emojis? - Revolutionary new mapping / addressing system

History of Cartography

3 month ago

nelson : History of Cartography - Free, online version of a classic omnibus of map making

Dynamic topo map

3 month ago

nelson : Dynamic topo map - Lovely augmented reality demo

Augmented reality sandbox

3 month ago

nelson : Augmented reality sandbox - Details on how to build your own projection topo map

Mapbox + Runkeeper

3 month ago

nelson : Mapbox + Runkeeper - New data for cycling and running routes for OpenStreetmap

Paris street name history

3 month ago

nelson : Paris street name history - A map that gives you descriptions of the history of every street name in Paris

Google S2

3 month ago

nelson : Google S2 - Explanation of a Google spatial indexing library


3 month ago

nelson : Neoaddressing - A brief overview of new location naming methods that try to improve on GeoHash

1895 chloropleth

4 month ago

nelson : 1895 chloropleth - Map visualization technique is old!

Road trip novel maps

4 month ago

nelson : Road trip novel maps - Well illustrated stories from Great American Novels

Soviet maps

4 month ago

nelson : Soviet maps - Cold War oddities

Every job in America

4 month ago

nelson : Every job in America - A map treatment

Open postcodes

4 month ago

nelson : Open postcodes - Various open systems for things like US zip codes

40 Internet maps

5 month ago

nelson : 40 Internet maps - Some history


5 month ago

nelson : Tilemaker - Standalone app for turning OSM data into vector tiles

Minnesota waters

5 month ago

nelson : Minnesota waters - Maps that look a little like my vector river map


6 month ago

nelson : Mapstarter - Simple tool for converting geodata to SVG and images