Matthew Picton | Artist

8 days ago

nelson : Matthew Picton | Artist - Paper sculpture based on city layouts

Gerrymandering maps

10 days ago

nelson : Gerrymandering maps - Visualization of a subversion of democracy

American community survey

13 days ago

nelson : American community survey - US census data about people's culture

Voting map options

1 month ago

nelson : Voting map options - Various approaches to visualizing election data

Border orientations

2 month ago

nelson : Border orientations - Interesting treatment of political boundaries by continent

Relief map techniques

3 month ago

nelson : Relief map techniques - Historical view of cartography

Trees in the US

3 month ago

nelson : Trees in the US - Detailed map of tree density

Gay marriage map

3 month ago

nelson : Gay marriage map - Demographic inference from tax records

1888 anti-slavery map

3 month ago

nelson : 1888 anti-slavery map - Phenomenal bit of American propaganda

Mini Metro Maps

3 month ago

nelson : Mini Metro Maps - City transit systems reduced to icons

Congressional district cartogram

4 month ago

nelson : Congressional district cartogram - Nice approach to visualizing the US vote

South Pacific countries

4 month ago

nelson : South Pacific countries - Nice map with territory boundaries, flags


4 month ago

nelson : MapsWithMe - Offline vector map for mobile devices; nice OSM viewer

Mapbox / OSM licensing

4 month ago

nelson : Mapbox / OSM licensing - Interesting questions of derived work and viral licenses

Scotch Whisky Map

4 month ago

nelson : Scotch Whisky Map - Best map I've found of distilleries

Stones of Wonder

4 month ago

nelson : Stones of Wonder - Guide to standing stones in Scotland

WSJ on Null Island

5 month ago

nelson : WSJ on Null Island - Fun article with lots of friends

OpenGL and Macs

5 month ago

nelson : OpenGL and Macs - Interesting detail from Blizzard about how they support OpenGL on Macs and Windows


5 month ago

nelson : What🖕3🖕Fucks - Hilarious, but offensive variant of the dumb What3Words addressing system

Quilted maps

5 month ago

nelson : Quilted maps - Fabric art, rich embroidery

What3Words examined

6 month ago

nelson : What3Words examined - Thoughtful piece about the risks of the proprietary addressing system

What3Words detail

6 month ago

nelson : What3Words detail - An analysis last year of how the proprietary location naming system works

Google and Apple Maps comparison

6 month ago

nelson : Google and Apple Maps comparison - Very detailed review

Geocoding in 5 minutes

6 month ago

nelson : Geocoding in 5 minutes - Simple installation of OpenAddresses data and Pelias geocoder


6 month ago

nelson : Terrapattern - Search aerial imagery for images of things

Andy Baio : Terrapattern - visual search engine for satellite imagery; example: baseball in Detroit, planes in NYC