12 hours ago

Andy Baio : #HYPERREALCG - David OReilly's Tumblr of photorealistic CG art, with one small caveat

ASCII history

14 hours ago

nelson : ASCII history - Some very fiddly little details on the history of character encodings for computers


21 hours ago

nelson : Tianya - Chinese website that I'm told is a bit like reddit


22 hours ago

nelson : Infuse - Another movie player for iPad

RIP Google+

23 hours ago

nelson : RIP Google+ - Writing on the wall that Google is dismantling their ill-advised product


24 hours ago

nelson : OneShot - A tool for sharing screenshots and snippets of text on Twitter

Ev / Medium interview

24 hours ago

nelson : Ev / Medium interview - Great insights into how Evan is thinking about Medium, the publishing platform

Wired redesigns for the first time in eight years

1 days ago

Andy Baio : Wired redesigns for the first time in eight years - the tech notes are worth reading

Super Hexagon Bot

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Super Hexagon Bot - OpenCV image processing to play a brutally hard game

New Books Network

2 days ago

nelson : New Books Network - Podcasts with authors about new books

UTF-8 history

3 days ago

nelson : UTF-8 history - Details on how Ken Thompson designed the text encoding. /cc @migurski