DNS Privacy

2 month ago

nelson : DNS Privacy - Speculation on privacy-preserving DNS systems

The Green Papers

3 month ago

nelson : The Green Papers - Political wonk site, old school web

BGP in 2015

6 month ago

nelson : BGP in 2015 - Excellent data on a core Internet protocol


7 month ago

nelson : Chanterculture - A reactionary counterculture on the Internet, connections to Trump's popularity

Worthless startup stock

7 month ago

nelson : Worthless startup stock - Downrounds and low acquisition prices make for screwed employees

Riot Direct results

8 month ago

nelson : Riot Direct results - League of Legends doing its own Internet peering, results of latency

The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers

8 month ago

Andy Baio : The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers - inside the hateful world of mass shooting conspiracy theorists

nelson : Sandy Hook hoaxers - A harmful delusion

Internet security history

8 month ago

nelson : Internet security history - From May, long detailed article

Rural gigabit fiber

9 month ago

nelson : Rural gigabit fiber - Just south of me. Expensive, but will be amazing for those houses

Russian subs vs. cables

9 month ago

nelson : Russian subs vs. cables - Weird failure of imagination in this article; only risk cited is "cutting the cable". How about tapping?

Transport protocols

9 month ago

nelson : Transport protocols - Nice overview of UDP and TCP (and QUIC)

Privacy icons

10 month ago

nelson : Privacy icons - Ideas on something like Creative Commons, but for privacy attestations

Maciej on ads and privacy

10 month ago

nelson : Maciej on ads and privacy - Phenomenal talk slides about the modern state of privacy on the Internet

Google's network design

11 month ago

nelson : Google's network design - Details of datacenter networking technology

.io TLD history

12 month ago

nelson : .io TLD history - A sad story of imperialism. Attn @migurski

Internet vs trolls

13 month ago

nelson : Internet vs trolls - Ellen Pao on the recent harassment she experienced

Pawn Storm

13 month ago

nelson : Pawn Storm - Observed pro-Russian hacker activity on the Internet

40 Internet maps

13 month ago

nelson : 40 Internet maps - Some history

Leap second routing fallout

13 month ago

nelson : Leap second routing fallout - Details on the leap second related router mess; 2000 networks briefly offline

Fiber optic sabotage

13 month ago

nelson : Fiber optic sabotage - 10 separate incidents of cables being cut in the Bay Area in the last year

IPv6 update

14 month ago

nelson : IPv6 update - World's slowest network upgrade

Reddit drama

14 month ago

nelson : Reddit drama - Bad people of Reddit being awful

Verizon security idiocy

15 month ago

nelson : Verizon security idiocy - Their webapp trusts your browser's claim of what its IP address is

Spiral Internet now a CA utility

15 month ago

nelson : Spiral Internet now a CA utility - Small Nevada County ISP has a plan to bring fiber to the home in rural California

HTTP/2 for geeks

15 month ago

nelson : HTTP/2 for geeks - Readable slides quickly explaining the state of HTTP/2