SF homelessness

3 hours ago

nelson : SF homelessness - Thoughtful letter about San Francisco's greatest shame

GitHub DDOS statistics

1 days ago

nelson : GitHub DDOS statistics - Excellent detailed info from Google

Kubernetes and Borg

1 days ago

nelson : Kubernetes and Borg - Details on how the open source Borg equivalent compares

US political polarization

1 days ago

nelson : US political polarization - Visualization of the separation in Congress

Ancestry destroyed data

1 days ago

nelson : Ancestry destroyed data - Export tool didn't include any of the text

Android = Calvin

1 days ago

nelson : Android = Calvin - Hilarious vulgar Google Maps graffiti


2 days ago

nelson : TextBar - Put text in a Mac menu bar

Ted Cruz gay scandal

2 days ago

nelson : Ted Cruz gay scandal - Not really a scandal; he's just happy to have gay friends while openly discriminating against gay people

Apple banning Pebble?

2 days ago

nelson : Apple banning Pebble? - Developer rejected from the App Store for mentioning Pebble Smartwatch support