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Uber's dirty tactics

12 hours ago

nelson : Uber's dirty tactics - Aggressive attempts to undermine Lyft

Kreyos: Indiegogo scam?

15 hours ago

nelson : Kreyos: Indiegogo scam? - $1.5M in crowd funding, problematic delivery


17 hours ago

Andy Baio : Pixel-Drifter - software for making glitch art from images, breaking things on purpose

Wired on Instagram's Hyperlapse

17 hours ago

Andy Baio : Wired on Instagram's Hyperlapse - much simpler than Microsoft's technique, but free and instant

On the Roofs: Hong Kong

21 hours ago

nelson : On the Roofs: Hong Kong - Insane urban explorers, great high-up photographs

Pink Martini drummer died

21 hours ago

nelson : Pink Martini drummer died - Great neo-lounge band, sadness

Do better than PGP

2 days ago

nelson : Do better than PGP - Thoughtful critique of the venerable crypography system

Rivers in Tableau

2 days ago

nelson : Rivers in Tableau - Mapping major rivers of the world using off the shelf tech

Android fragmentation

2 days ago

nelson : Android fragmentation - Various statistics about Android OS versions, devices

Nevada County gold mining

2 days ago

nelson : Nevada County gold mining - Or rather the lack of it; no one wants mines to reopen

Guilty until proven innocent

2 days ago

nelson : Guilty until proven innocent - One man's reflections on Ferguson

Face projection

2 days ago

nelson : Face projection - Slick real time face tracking / projection mapping demo reel

Flash Invaders

3 days ago

nelson : Flash Invaders - French street artist Invader has made an iOS/Android game

Seeburg 1000

3 days ago

nelson : Seeburg 1000 - Funiture music, 1959 recordings of innocuous background music

US passport card RFID

3 days ago

nelson : US passport card RFID - Security is not well designed