The Reichstag Warning

4 hours ago

nelson : The Reichstag Warning - Parallels of authoritarianism and demonization of religious minorities

Dining next to Trump

5 hours ago

nelson : Dining next to Trump - Funny story of a reporter staking out a table

Amit Singhal leaves Uber

5 hours ago

nelson : Amit Singhal leaves Uber - Well loved engineering manager has a history of sexual harassment

Computer science border tests

8 hours ago

nelson : Computer science border tests - Border patrol doing weird things

Uber Is Doomed

1 days ago

nelson : Uber Is Doomed - A synthesis

16 year old Canadian vs Milo

2 days ago

nelson : 16 year old Canadian vs Milo - The video that surfaced was found by a liberal-leading young Canadian woman

The Comey Letter Debacle

3 days ago

nelson : The Comey Letter Debacle - Yet another take on the FBI meddling in the election