Is Trump broke?

4 hours ago

nelson : Is Trump broke? - Speculation only, since we have no transparency

Trump LLC obfuscation

5 hours ago

nelson : Trump LLC obfuscation - Impossible to figure out which conflicts of interest he has

Magic Leap a fake

6 hours ago

nelson : Magic Leap a fake - Product demo it's been showing is a fabrication

Landsat water map

19 hours ago

nelson : Landsat water map - Raster map based on satellite imagery

Geo-engineering climate change

1 days ago

nelson : Geo-engineering climate change - Some folks are looking for technology solutions to global warming

Endless Jingling

1 days ago

nelson : Endless Jingling - Deep Christmas

Stegano malware

1 days ago

nelson : Stegano malware - New adware found using steganographic channels to transmit code

Indian Breads

2 days ago

nelson : Indian Breads - A list of diversity

Putin seized VKontakte

2 days ago

nelson : Putin seized VKontakte - 2014 story of the Russian state taking control of Russia's Facebook equivalent

Trump tweet insults

3 days ago

nelson : Trump tweet insults - Detailed visualization