Dem Tull Pitcairn

5 hours ago

nelson : Dem Tull Pitcairn - Newspaper from tiny Pitcairn Island; the PDF downloads include samples of the local creole

Butane hash oil

10 hours ago

nelson : Butane hash oil - Modern marijuana industry manages to turn weed into something like crack

Smart TV malware

10 hours ago

nelson : Smart TV malware - Webapps embedded in TV broadcasts are exploitable

"Rough Rides"

2 days ago

nelson : "Rough Rides" - Police assault prisoners with their police vans

The Age of Drone Graffiti

3 days ago

Andy Baio : The Age of Drone Graffiti - just wait until someone combines this with automated drawing

Let's Play: The Shining

3 days ago

Andy Baio : Let's Play: The Shining - in Pippin Barr's signature style

Conduct Becoming

3 days ago

Anil : Conduct Becoming - Tomorrow I'm speaking at the 99U Conference, which I'm really looking forward to. But one of the reasons I'm already convinced it's going to be a special event is because of one particular accommodation that Sean Blanda and his team made in the days and m

3 days ago

Andy Baio : -

How Old?

3 days ago

Andy Baio : How Old? - age/gender detection from Microsoft, with some silly results

Leaked Lyft financials

3 days ago

nelson : Leaked Lyft financials - Inside view of the ridesharing company

Mountains of Mouthness

3 days ago

Andy Baio : Mountains of Mouthness - occasionally NSFW audio  [via]