Mars tourism posters

Hot ! - 53 minutes ago

nelson : Mars tourism posters - Really lovely graphic design

2 hour ago

nelson : - Mac package for Postgres+PostGIS

RIP Ken Olsen

2 hour ago

nelson : RIP Ken Olsen - Founder of Digital, the computer company

Wumpus 2

3 hours ago

nelson : Wumpus 2 - 1980s book about programming computer games

XOXO Outpost

10 hours ago

Andy Baio : XOXO Outpost - if you're in Portland, applications are now open for our shared workspace, opening this week

How to Snapchat Like the Teens

10 hours ago

Andy Baio : How to Snapchat Like the Teens - surprisingly informative, while also making me feel like I'm a warm corpse

Soylent Dick

19 hours ago

Andy Baio : Soylent Dick - part of the Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Zenefits fraud

3 days ago

nelson : Zenefits fraud - Selling insurance with unlicensed salespeople

Quantified shitlords

3 days ago

nelson : Quantified shitlords - R programmer investigates the hateful comments he gets

TempleOS 4.02

3 days ago

nelson : TempleOS 4.02 - Outsider art operating system