Further Future

21 hours ago

nelson : Further Future - Burning Man for the 1%

Chinese-American websites

1 days ago

nelson : Chinese-American websites - Parallel Internet for Chinese speakers in the US

Robert Burnham Jr

1 days ago

nelson : Robert Burnham Jr - Obit of a famous astronomer. "Burnham spent his last years mostly on a park bench in San Diego selling paintings of cats. He died in 1993 destitute and unnoticed" (quote from Sky & Telescope)

Badger Stewart

1 days ago

nelson : Badger Stewart - Astonishing, well written story about a young man whose father injected him with HIV

Radiohead erase internet presence

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Radiohead erase internet presence - faded away to nothing at all

Null Island in LOC

2 days ago

nelson : Null Island in LOC - Library of Congress heralds the geographer's favorite tropical vacation spot

FISA rejects 0 warrants

2 days ago

nelson : FISA rejects 0 warrants - The secret court overseeing the FBI's spying is a joke

Sugar cutters

2 days ago

nelson : Sugar cutters - Tools for using traditional hard sugar lumps

What Happened to Google Maps?

2 days ago

nelson : What Happened to Google Maps? - Detailed breakdown of levels of detail