Podesta and Powell phishing

1 days ago

nelson : Podesta and Powell phishing - Details of the attacks by Russian operatives against US politicians

NSA leak

1 days ago

nelson : NSA leak - Hacking tools taken by Martin and given to Shadow Brokers. Maybe.

Rape Culture Syllabus

2 days ago

nelson : Rape Culture Syllabus - A reading list

Ark of Taste

2 days ago

nelson : Ark of Taste - Catalog of rare foods

su filindeu

2 days ago

nelson : su filindeu - A thin hand-made Sardinian pasta

Lessig's graciousness

2 days ago

nelson : Lessig's graciousness - Response to a WikiLeaks email is remarkably thoughtful

Empty call to monitor polls

3 days ago

nelson : Empty call to monitor polls - Details of Trump's efforts to delegitimize the vote