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Ello funding: PBC

2 hour ago

nelson : Ello funding: PBC - Bold move, incorporated in a way that prevents them showing ads or selling user data

Felicia Day on Gamergate

12 hours ago

Andy Baio : Felicia Day on Gamergate - she was doxxed minutes later in her own comments, which she disabled

Burrito unboxing

21 hours ago

nelson : Burrito unboxing - What's inside the wrapper?

Twitter's new app strategy

24 hours ago

nelson : Twitter's new app strategy - From Twitter Flight, building various mobile developer tools

Gyro-Stabilized Systems

1 days ago

nelson : Gyro-Stabilized Systems - Grass Valley tech company; aerial imaging

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On returns

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Marcel the Shell with Shoes On returns - after a three year break from the first two adorable shorts


2 days ago

nelson : /r/gonwild - Abstract polygon art