Clinton health history

7 hours ago

nelson : Clinton health history - Background behind the smear campaign about Clinton's health

Ethernet PAUSE

18 hours ago

nelson : Ethernet PAUSE - Obscure protocol thing causes network failure

Nick Denton pens Gawker's final post

20 hours ago

Andy Baio : Nick Denton pens Gawker's final post - see also: Gawker was murdered by gaslight


1 days ago

nelson : Seacharge - DIY autonomous boat sailing across the Pacific

Atomic motels

2 days ago

nelson : Atomic motels - Nice collection of photos from New Jersey

Trump and voter fraud

2 days ago

nelson : Trump and voter fraud - More details on a troubling allegation

Congressional district cartogram

2 days ago

nelson : Congressional district cartogram - Nice approach to visualizing the US vote

Airline's calculated misery

2 days ago

nelson : Airline's calculated misery - Dismal economics