Goodbye, Prince

1 hour ago

Anil : Goodbye, Prince - I've been struggling to find words to express how I feel in the week since Prince died. He's obviously the artist that's had the most impact on my life, and was in many ways the lens through which I processed the rest of pop culture and artistic expressio

Machine Learning Curriculum

6 hours ago

nelson : Machine Learning Curriculum - Old friend of mine from Google is working on learning machine learning; curriculum and notes

Breaking YouTube's Content ID with counteracting claims

20 hours ago

Andy Baio : Breaking YouTube's Content ID with counteracting claims - pretty clever hack

Elon Musk financing

22 hours ago

nelson : Elon Musk financing - Eyebrow raising strategy of borrowing against one of his companies to fund the others

US tornado probabilities

1 days ago

nelson : US tornado probabilities - Nice animation of tornado risk during the year

Apple abusing MacOS

2 days ago

nelson : Apple abusing MacOS - When Microsoft did this self promotion crap there was anti-trust actions


2 days ago

nelson : Microsculpture - Ultra-macro insect photography. /cc @celesteramsay

More Vinod Khosla ugliness

3 days ago

nelson : More Vinod Khosla ugliness - Famous venture capital investor acts like a jerk for coastal access

Elizabeth 2016

3 days ago

nelson : Elizabeth 2016 - Make America Great Britain Again