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BitTorrent Sync commentary

13 hours ago

nelson : BitTorrent Sync commentary - User is happy with what he's found with the DropBox replacement

P. Morris shares new EP as a Chatroulette-style site

13 hours ago

Andy Baio : P. Morris shares new EP as a Chatroulette-style site - you and a random partner must both turn on webcams to listen

Common Crawl

22 hours ago

nelson : Common Crawl - Non-profit that crawls the web and makes snapshots available to the public for free

ODbL analysis

2 days ago

nelson : ODbL analysis - Legal white paper looking at OpenStreetMap licensing issues

Trouble with the ODbL

2 days ago

nelson : Trouble with the ODbL - New thoughts on OpenStreetMap licensing

Fresh slate for OSM

2 days ago

nelson : Fresh slate for OSM - A prolific OpenStreetMap old timer argues it's time for a fresh start for OSM

Sarkeesian NYT op/ed

2 days ago

nelson : Sarkeesian NYT op/ed - Great observation on how gaming has become for everyone

Analyzing 72 Hours of #Gamergate

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Analyzing 72 Hours of #Gamergate - Over the last week, I've been scraping every single #Gamergate tweet to do some network analysis. I ended up writing the whole thing up on Medium, I hope you like it. One interesting bit: I discovered Newsweek made a major mistake reporting the sentime


2 days ago

Andy Baio : threaded - serious seizure warning  [via]

Uber, Lyft pricing

2 days ago

nelson : Uber, Lyft pricing - Details on surge pricing, relative costs, etc

Voter suppression in Texas

3 days ago

nelson : Voter suppression in Texas - The details of why voter ID requirements are anti-democratic