Governors Mansions

3 hours ago

nelson : Governors Mansions - An image collection

Generating Leads At Burning Man

5 hours ago

nelson : Generating Leads At Burning Man - The frontier of marketing


2 days ago

nelson : HubPress - Blog engine that publishes to GitHub

Augmented reality sandbox

2 days ago

nelson : Augmented reality sandbox - Details on how to build your own projection topo map

Dynamic topo map

2 days ago

nelson : Dynamic topo map - Lovely augmented reality demo

"Dirt Rave"

2 days ago

nelson : "Dirt Rave" - slang for Burning Man

Australia's gun experiment

2 days ago

nelson : Australia's gun experiment - Statistics and data from a country that enacted gun control

SF Homeless Wiki

2 days ago

nelson : SF Homeless Wiki - A wiki with 1128 articles

In defense of Rentboy

2 days ago

nelson : In defense of Rentboy - Gay escort talks about safe online hustling


2 days ago

nelson : svgur - share SVGs; like imgur, but for SVG


2 days ago

nelson : mpld3 - Code for exporting matplotlib graphics to an HTML web page, supports interactivity

D3 + iPython

2 days ago

nelson : D3 + iPython - Towards doing more complex HTML rendering in iPython

Google's network design

2 days ago

nelson : Google's network design - Details of datacenter networking technology

Leaving Everywhere

3 days ago

Andy Baio : Leaving Everywhere - Darius Kazemi made a rant generator about moving away from cities using real census data

Annalee Newitz's analysis of the Ashley Madison leaked database

3 days ago

Andy Baio : Annalee Newitz's analysis of the Ashley Madison leaked database - Only 0.04% of women ever checked their messages, compared to 64.7% of men


3 days ago

nelson : Emojipedia - History and definitions for Emoji