Kenneth Reitz's Journal

1 month ago

nelson : Kenneth Reitz's Journal - Python programmer behind Requests, pipenv, etc

Rules of Machine Learning

17 month ago

nelson : Rules of Machine Learning - Some best practices

Brackets editor

18 month ago

nelson : Brackets editor - Another editor built in Javascript

Newspaper Python

18 month ago

nelson : Newspaper Python - Library for parsing news sites

Python click

18 month ago

nelson : Python click - A library for making command line interfaces


25 month ago

nelson : EditorConfig - A cross-editor way for a software project to define standards for newlines, indentation, etc

Python 3 Readiness

29 month ago

nelson : Python 3 Readiness - 319 of the 360 most popular Python packages now support Python 3. upgrade!

Migurski's code process

32 month ago

nelson : Migurski's code process - Notes on defensive coding for spare-time projects

School for Poetic Computation

40 month ago

nelson : School for Poetic Computation - Art / code program in New York

Python logging practice

42 month ago

nelson : Python logging practice - Some reasonable sounding suggestions

more open address machine

43 month ago

nelson : more open address machine - Work notes from making real stuff work

Solving Earth Problems

44 month ago

nelson : Solving Earth Problems - Various tools for dealing with spatial data; spatial indices, etc

The mystery of d3.js

50 month ago

nelson : The mystery of d3.js - Great writeup of the hurdle that comes with using the great visualization library

Mostly procedural

52 month ago

nelson : Mostly procedural - Sage words of advice for programmers

$465m code bug

57 month ago

nelson : $465m code bug - Details on how 9 year old dead code caused a trading company to lose half a billion dollars

MySQL sql_mode

64 month ago

nelson : MySQL sql_mode - Notes on making MySQL a real database and not just a data-corrupting toy

Easy 6502

65 month ago

nelson : Easy 6502 - Live Javascript tutorials for 6502 assembly

Pinboard bug postmortem

72 month ago

nelson : Pinboard bug postmortem - Great detailed analysis of a typical webapp bug

GitHub's importance

72 month ago

nelson : GitHub's importance - Every coder knows it, no one outside the coding world does

Python 3 Q & A

73 month ago

nelson : Python 3 Q & A - Excellent summary of the current state of the Python ecosystem

A year of hermit hacking

73 month ago

nelson : A year of hermit hacking - Pamela Fox's awesome presentation on working alone for a year

Zeros in JavaScript

74 month ago

nelson : Zeros in JavaScript - Fantastic little summary of the weird rules of Javascript

1500 Archers on a 28.8

74 month ago

nelson : 1500 Archers on a 28.8 - Netcode for RTS games

Twitter Code Class!

75 month ago

nelson : Twitter Code Class! - This is genuinely funny

GitHub profile

77 month ago

nelson : GitHub profile - Useful to explain to people who don't understand github