Naomi Wu

6 month ago

nelson : Naomi Wu - Profile of the woman inventor from China

Baidu search scandal

10 month ago

nelson : Baidu search scandal - Referrals to private hospitals with alleged business ties to the search engine

China's LGBT crackdown

11 month ago

nelson : China's LGBT crackdown - Trying to ban any depiction of gay life

Bitcoin mine closes

12 month ago

nelson : Bitcoin mine closes - Major Chinese facility has been shut down

Shenzhen innovation

14 month ago

nelson : Shenzhen innovation - Meanwhile, in China...

Kushner's conflicts

17 month ago

nelson : Kushner's conflicts - More corruption at the center of the Trump family

WeChat’s world

22 month ago

nelson : WeChat’s world - overview of a very popular social / payment app in China

Bitcoin politics

23 month ago

nelson : Bitcoin politics - Excellent detail on all the Chinese activity in Bitcoin

Chinese-American websites

25 month ago

nelson : Chinese-American websites - Parallel Internet for Chinese speakers in the US

Chinese Crowd Formations

26 month ago

nelson : Chinese Crowd Formations - Nice set of photos

Chinese map distortions

29 month ago

nelson : Chinese map distortions - Google Maps in China shows odd artifacts to comply with Chinese security law

BBC tests China

30 month ago

nelson : BBC tests China - Terrifying flight in a tiny aircraft over highly militarized disputed territory

Hoverboard origin

30 month ago

nelson : Hoverboard origin - Interesting tale of Chinese manufacturing culture

Cyberattack negotiation

32 month ago

nelson : Cyberattack negotiation - US/China in talks for first ever cyberwarfare agreement. Very limited, more of a symbol.

Vincent Lau 刘梓晨

33 month ago

nelson : Vincent Lau 刘梓晨 - A plastic surgery enthusiast popular on Weibo

China: Through the Looking Glass

36 month ago

nelson : China: Through the Looking Glass - Great exhibit at the Met looking at Orientalist exoticism and China

Yi action camera

36 month ago

nelson : Yi action camera - Inexpensive, hackable video camera, Chinese competitor to GoPro

GitHub DDOS statistics

37 month ago

nelson : GitHub DDOS statistics - Excellent detailed info from Google

China vs GitHub

38 month ago

nelson : China vs GitHub - 3 days in now to a massive DDoS attack, apparently by the Chinese government

Chinese Mobile App UI Trends

39 month ago

nelson : Chinese Mobile App UI Trends - Invaluably detailed info for how Chinese mobile apps differ from US


39 month ago

nelson : Tianya - Chinese website that I'm told is a bit like reddit

Fear Chinese Firewall

40 month ago

nelson : Fear Chinese Firewall - What happens when your server becomes the victim of a Chinese Great Firewall misconfiguration?

Andy Baio : Craig Hockenberry on Chinese DNS poisoning - well, that explains the DDoS I've been dealing with for the last 12 days

China astroturfing

41 month ago

nelson : China astroturfing - Minor hack reveals government propaganda faking Internet buzz

Notes From Behind the Firewall

43 month ago

nelson : Notes From Behind the Firewall - Quick overview of some differences in the parallel Chinese Internet

China v. Google MITM

45 month ago

nelson : China v. Google MITM - Fake SSL certs in the wild