Fear Chinese Firewall

8 days ago

nelson : Fear Chinese Firewall - What happens when your server becomes the victim of a Chinese Great Firewall misconfiguration?

China astroturfing

22 days ago

nelson : China astroturfing - Minor hack reveals government propaganda faking Internet buzz

Notes From Behind the Firewall

3 month ago

nelson : Notes From Behind the Firewall - Quick overview of some differences in the parallel Chinese Internet

China v. Google MITM

5 month ago

nelson : China v. Google MITM - Fake SSL certs in the wild

Shenzhen trip report

5 month ago

nelson : Shenzhen trip report - Joi Ito and bunnie visit the greatest electronics manufacturing place in the world

Eve Online China

9 month ago

nelson : Eve Online China - Parallel development of Eve Online in the Chinese instance

IE6 usage map

10 month ago

nelson : IE6 usage map - Microsoft's stats on usage; 20% or more in China

The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse

10 month ago

nelson : The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse - Biggest space battle in Eve Online to date happened on the Chinese server

Weibo - SINA English

11 month ago

nelson : Weibo - SINA English - China's enormous Twitter-like service has an English interface

Weibo hamstrung

12 month ago

nelson : Weibo hamstrung - Chinese government's crackdown has severely curtailed usage of China's Twitter-like service

China hacking US water plants

18 month ago

nelson : China hacking US water plants - Notorious Chinese hacking group, probably Army, caught in a honeypot and counter-hacked

Whistleblower welcome in China

20 month ago

nelson : Whistleblower welcome in China - Editorial from official government media

US cyberspies

20 month ago

nelson : US cyberspies - Details on NSA's program to spy on China

Chinese equivalent websites

20 month ago

nelson : Chinese equivalent websites - List of Chinese equivalents to American websites


20 month ago

nelson : WeiboScope - Image board of what's popular on Sina Weibo (a Chinese Twitter-like thing)


21 month ago

nelson : Beidou - China's equivalent of GPS

Alibaba buys 18% of Weibo

21 month ago

nelson : Alibaba buys 18% of Weibo - Huge news in the Chinese Internet scene; as if eBay bought a bunch of Twitter

Beijing air over 9 days

22 month ago

nelson : Beijing air over 9 days - simple to understand image

Gonkai ecosystem

22 month ago

nelson : Gonkai ecosystem - Chinese version of open source, sharing some IP in an unusual way

Chinese cyberwarrior blog

23 month ago

nelson : Chinese cyberwarrior blog - Personal comments from one of China's military hackers

US cyberattack teams

23 month ago

nelson : US cyberattack teams - Military discloses we are building offensive capability

Weibo censorship

23 month ago

nelson : Weibo censorship - Dan Wallach and crew at Rice measure how fast stuff gets deleted from Weibo

NMA on Chinese hacks

24 month ago

nelson : NMA on Chinese hacks - As usual, NMA sets the record straight

Mandiant reports

24 month ago

nelson : Mandiant reports - Security firm's research; featured item today is the Chinese Army attackers (APT 1)

Chinese Army hackers

24 month ago

nelson : Chinese Army hackers - amazing, detailed overview of the activities of one Chinese Army unit hacking US companies and infrastructure