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5 hours ago

Andy Baio : - Paul Ford brings the old-school

Xen Security Advisories 108

7 hours ago

nelson : Xen Security Advisories 108 - The bug that had Amazon and Rackspace rebooting all of their computers

Thru You Too

8 hours ago

Andy Baio : Thru You Too - Kutiman's followup to 2009's mindblowing Thru You is live

21 hours ago

Andy Baio : - gorgeous music discovery using Soundcloud charts

StartUp Podcast

23 hours ago

Andy Baio : StartUp Podcast - terrible name, great podcast; Alex Blumberg from Planet Money/This American Life tries to start a company


23 hours ago

Andy Baio : #nettarot - an information age tarot deck


1 days ago

nelson : YUROP - The subreddit alternative to 'Murica

Hadza fecal transplant

1 days ago

nelson : Hadza fecal transplant - Random Western biologist decides to hot-swap in some shit from a Tanzanian hunter-gatherer

Worn and Wound

1 days ago

nelson : Worn and Wound - Guide to watches that are not stupidly expensive

The GIF's visual language in music videos

2 days ago

Andy Baio : The GIF's visual language in music videos - if you can't watch the playlist, which is preferred, try the full video

Tabletop Whale

2 days ago

nelson : Tabletop Whale - Lovely scientific illustrations published as animated GIF


2 days ago

Andy Baio : bonernoise -  [via]