Adaptive map projection

3 month ago

nelson : Adaptive map projection - Clever web map changes projections as you zoom and pan

Making the Parks Conservancy Map

13 month ago

nelson : Making the Parks Conservancy Map - Excellent cartography by @mojodna and the crew at Stamen

La grille sur les collines

15 month ago

nelson : La grille sur les collines - Map treatment of SF focussed on grids vs hills

Solar system cartography

20 month ago

nelson : Solar system cartography - Conventions for defining latitude and longitude on various planets, moons, etc

New OSM render stack

20 month ago

nelson : New OSM render stack - Major milestone for OpenStreetMap; clears the way for better design

National Hydrography Dataset

29 month ago

nelson : National Hydrography Dataset - USGS data for rivers, ditches, etc

Natural Earth v2.0.0

29 month ago

nelson : Natural Earth v2.0.0 - Fantastic global mapping dataset gets a major revision

Maps Before Maps

29 month ago

nelson : Maps Before Maps - Cartography 1000-1300

Koch Island

29 month ago

nelson : Koch Island - Demo of D3's topology simplification

Blending projections

30 month ago

nelson : Blending projections - Interesting demo of dynamically blending map projections based on what area is in view

Stamen terrain maps

30 month ago

nelson : Stamen terrain maps - Some slides on creating the terrain map

Yandex map redesign

30 month ago

nelson : Yandex map redesign - Russian web site does new maps for Moscow

Baidu 3d map update

31 month ago

nelson : Baidu 3d map update - More detail for the crazily idiosyncratic Chinese maps

Eric Fischer profile

31 month ago

nelson : Eric Fischer profile - Nice intro to Eric's map projects

TF5-4523: The Mapmaking Process

31 month ago

nelson : TF5-4523: The Mapmaking Process - 1973 Army video about how they make maps

The Internet map

33 month ago

nelson : The Internet map - A 2d representation of 350,000 sites and their connections

Skobbler OSM map

33 month ago

nelson : Skobbler OSM map - Nice new world street map from the German mapping company

MapBox terrain preview

34 month ago

nelson : MapBox terrain preview - Yay, another free terrain map!

Creepy Maps

34 month ago

nelson : Creepy Maps - Aesthetic fun with maps

Stamen Field Papers

35 month ago

nelson : Stamen Field Papers - Print out a map, scribble, scan and save. Walking Papers made into a product


36 month ago

nelson : hachures - Migurski plays with cartography

Google Maps design process

36 month ago

nelson : Google Maps design process - Details from some of the visual designers

Migurski map interview

37 month ago

nelson : Migurski map interview - Discussion about Stamen's awesome maps

Stamen Maps

37 month ago

nelson : Stamen Maps - Collection of various cartography projects

MapBox Free

38 month ago

nelson : MapBox Free - Small plan for free map making with TileMill