Russian flag prank

5 hours ago

nelson : Russian flag prank - Nice bit of culture jamming at CPAC

United to Protect Democracy

8 hours ago

nelson : United to Protect Democracy - Watchdog group checking on the Trump administration's ethics compliance

Domestic ID checks

1 days ago

nelson : Domestic ID checks - Update on the domestic flight where passengers had to show documentation on landing at JFK

Manafort blackmailed

1 days ago

nelson : Manafort blackmailed - More details of unsavory Russian/Ukrainian business of Trump's campaign chairman

Moon Duchin fighting gerrymandering

1 days ago

nelson : Moon Duchin fighting gerrymandering - Tufts mathematician working on measures of compactness, one component of redistricting

Understanding Congressional Gerrymandering

1 days ago

nelson : Understanding Congressional Gerrymandering - Some useful political background

Babysitting Trump's ego

2 days ago

nelson : Babysitting Trump's ego - Former staffers talk about managing the President as if he were a seven year old child

Antivirus breaks SSL

2 days ago

nelson : Antivirus breaks SSL - Many so-called security products are actually weakening SSL security

US border homophobia

2 days ago

nelson : US border homophobia - Enraging story of a Gay Canadian being harassed at the US border (pre-Trump)