RIP Bob Hoover

3 hours ago

nelson : RIP Bob Hoover - Legendary pilot dies at 94

GOP Arcade

1 days ago

nelson : GOP Arcade - Your favorite political stories as low-fi videogames

1 days ago

nelson : - Trump's post-loss TV business is off to a strong start

Bot wins contests

1 days ago

nelson : Bot wins contests - Twitter bot automatically retweets and wins online contests

Trump Tower Site Tour

2 days ago

nelson : Trump Tower Site Tour - Public space at Trump Tower is a dump

Internet of Things Scanner

2 days ago

nelson : Internet of Things Scanner - Malware check; a quick tool to see if your network is listed in Shodan

Economist Trump covers

2 days ago

nelson : Economist Trump covers - Graphic arts

Benjamin Grant images

2 days ago

nelson : Benjamin Grant images - HD satellite photos. /cc @vruba

Emoji ZWJ Sequences

3 days ago

nelson : Emoji ZWJ Sequences - A crazy kind of combining Unicode that Microsoft is playing around with