Star Wars, the infographic

Hot ! - 25 minutes ago

nelson : Star Wars, the infographic - A sort of comic novelization


23 hours ago

nelson : EditorConfig - A cross-editor way for a software project to define standards for newlines, indentation, etc

This Was San Francisco

1 days ago

nelson : This Was San Francisco - 1950s comics about the SF past

Oculus adds DRM to block Vive users, broken in a day

1 days ago

Andy Baio : Oculus adds DRM to block Vive users, broken in a day - surprising how similar the two competing headsets are

Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow

1 days ago

nelson : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - Taking the piss out of tech interviews

Andy Baio : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - machine learning for dumb coding interview questions


1 days ago

Andy Baio : Quantizer - auralization of real-time collision data from the ATLAS detector at CERN

JSON Client

1 days ago

nelson : JSON Client - iOS app that displays JSON data. Sort of like a web browser but easier to script

19th c. ASCII art ads

1 days ago

nelson : 19th c. ASCII art ads - Fun exploration of a forgotten byway of typography

"advice" for aspiring tech bloggers

2 days ago

nelson : "advice" for aspiring tech bloggers - Thoughtful words from a masterful writer in a medium that should be more popular

SWIFT malware

2 days ago

nelson : SWIFT malware - Analysis of the software used to steal $951M from a banking network