Harmony Project

130 month ago

joshua : Harmony Project - xml file synchronization

Jeremy Zawodny : Harmony Project home page - Harmony Project home page: "The Harmony system is a generic framework for reconciling disconnected updates to heterogeneous, replicated XML data."

43folders : Harmony Project home page - "Harmony is framework for defining, updating, and synchronizing views over strings, trees, and relations." I'm so watching this project [thanks, Alan Schmitt]

Brackup doesn't support restore from S3

144 month ago

kellan : Brackup doesn't support restore from S3 - Just in case you were confused by the documentation which says it does. #

Rod Begbie : brackup - Simple perl encrypted-backup-to-Amazon-S3 tool. [via#

joshua : brackup - lj brad's backup tool. seems scary

Jeremy Zawodny : brad's brackup posts - brad's brackup posts: a cool little backup system he's building

nelson : brackup 1.0 released - genius hacker Brad Fitzpatrick releases a 1.0 of his encrypted offsite backup tool


147 month ago

deusx : s3DAV - "s3DAV is a webDAV server which allows you to access a virtual file system using your Amazon s3 account."

Andy Baio : s3DAV - virtual filesystem using your Amazon S3 account  [via]

joshua : s3DAV - amazon s3 as a DAV fs

MP3 Tunes launches

161 month ago

Andy Baio : MP3 Tunes launches - DRM-free MP3s, but their server is swamped right now [via]  [via]

François Nonnenmacher : MP3tunes - Cheaper than iTunes and no DRM! By the founder of Lindows

Rod Begbie : MP3tunes Locker - Michael Robertson's new site seems to be targeting itself as an "off-site backup" and synchronisation service for your music files, and therefore completely covered by fair-use. RIAA, start your lawyers. #

WillPate : Backup, Sync and Listen to Your Digital Music Collection with an MP3tunes Locker @ MP3tunes.com - $40/year to backup, synch and play unlimited number of songs unlimited times? Aweeeesoooomme.

Keeping Multiple Macs In Sync

161 month ago

Dan Cederholm : Keeping Multiple Macs In Sync - Or should that be '*NSYNC'? Helpful tips for managing a multi-Mac household from Ethan.

François Nonnenmacher : Keeping multiple Macs in sync

jimray : Keeping multiple Macs in sync - More vindication for ChronoSync

Richard Rutter : Keeping multiple Macs in sync - Synergy, baby, yeah!.

backing up del.icio.us

163 month ago

Jeremy Zawodny : backing up del.icio.us - backing up del.icio.us: excellent. the one bit of the api i needed is already staring me in the face!

ricmac : rentzsch.com: Backing up del.icio.us - Easy way: http://del.icio.us/api/posts/all (then enter username and password)

jimray : rentzsch.com: Backing up del.icio.us - I gotta start doing a better job of backing up my online life


164 month ago

Jeremy Zawodny : rsnapshot - rsnapshot: rsync for snapshots

Nelson Minar : rsnapshot - rsync based backup tool, very nicely put together

joshua : rsnapshot

wearehugh : rsnapshot


168 month ago

Jeremy Zawodny : backuppc - backuppc: interesting looking

joshua : BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk

wearehugh : BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk

scribe, mozilla plugin for text areas

170 month ago

anildash : scribe, mozilla plugin for text areas - i always find myself hitting "ctrl-s" when writing entries, so this is a godsend

Steve Cook : Scribe Firefox extension - Save form fields as you go. A simple and brilliant idea.

François Hodierne : Scribe, Mozilla Firefox Extension - où Mozilla remplace le Notepad.

kayodeok : Firefox Extension: Scribe - Never lose another post with Scribe. Adds Word Processor like functionality to web forms, including opening and saving form entries as files