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Tilt Brush

16 hours ago

Andy Baio : Tilt Brush - like Photoshop VR

Atari ABAQ

20 hours ago

nelson : Atari ABAQ - Obscure 1980s computer, a transputer-based system for consumers


2 days ago

nelson : /r/toynbee - Subreddit dedicated to Toynbee Tiles, weird street art

Dipity Timelines

2 days ago

nelson : Dipity Timelines - Web tool for building timelines

Grass Valley tech history

2 days ago

nelson : Grass Valley tech history - Seems random, but the Sierra has a little high tech center

LoL vs toxic behavior

2 days ago

nelson : LoL vs toxic behavior - Update on the efforts to police a notoriously unpleasant gamer community

1885 SF Chinatown map

3 days ago

nelson : 1885 SF Chinatown map - Building by building catalog of vice


3 days ago

nelson : WhatIsMyIPv6? - IP address detector that's IPv6 aware

Yahoo worth -$500M

3 days ago

nelson : Yahoo worth -$500M - Market cap of Yahoo is below the value of the property it owns