HSTS Super Cookies

1 days ago

nelson : HSTS Super Cookies - Exploiting HTTP strict transport security for a new kind of user tracker

GPG and Me

1 days ago

nelson : GPG and Me - Moxie declares GPG a dead end; totally agree

US cell coverage map

1 days ago

nelson : US cell coverage map - Detailed data, looks to be from driving

Not a "Good Guy"

2 days ago

Anil : Not a "Good Guy" - If you've ever had someone say something nice about a thing you made, you know how great it feels. It's a combination of validation, and respect, and recognition, and it's truly wonderful. The only thing better is when someone offers kind words about who

Houston's six best bowls of chili

2 days ago

nelson : Houston's six best bowls of chili - Useful food review

Formal methods success

2 days ago

nelson : Formal methods success - Software proof technology finds bug in widely used sorting library

Mathematical ends

2 days ago

nelson : Mathematical ends - Unfortunate deaths of 20 mathematicians. Gödel starved himself; 65 pounds at time of death.


3 days ago

nelson : XPilot - Venerable X11 game, multiplayer space pew pew