Who Will Command The Robot Armies?

20/11/2016 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : Who Will Command The Robot Armies? - Remarkable cultural criticism talk

Andy Baio : Who Will Command The Robot Armies? - yet another amazing talk/essay from Maciej Ceglowski

The end of What.cd, the internet’s biggest and best music collection

18/11/2016 @ 03:58 UTC

Andy Baio : The end of What.cd, the internet’s biggest and best music collection - After nearly a decade, invite-only music tracker What.cd closed today and deleted all its data after a raid by French authorities—a sad end to what was likely the largest, most active private torrent tracker ever. Founded the day Oink’s Pink P

nelson : what.cd eulogy - Appreciation of a music sharing community

Palmer Luckey

23/09/2016 @ 03:58 UTC

nelson : Palmer Luckey - Oculus rift founder is funding hateful anti-Clinton shitposts

Andy Baio : Oculus founder Palmer Luckey secretly funding Trump memes - everything about this is gross; devs are cancelling their Oculus support

Reigns' creator on making the indie hit

16/09/2016 @ 01:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Reigns' creator on making the indie hit - "the result of contingent decisions mixed with an indecent amount of luck"

nelson : Reigns editorial - Notes from a successful new game

Trump tweets analysis

10/08/2016 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : Trump tweets analysis - Detailed breakdown of how the Trump account works

Andy Baio : Text analysis of Trump's tweets - he writes angry tweets on Android, gentler tweets authored by staff on iPhone/web

Mother Jones' Shane Bauer's investigation as a private prison guard

24/06/2016 @ 18:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Mother Jones' Shane Bauer's investigation as a private prison guard - astounding work of journalism, four months of life in the prison system

nelson : My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard - Took me several hours to read, but phenomenal piece of investigative journalism

Ev Williams profile

17/06/2016 @ 19:58 UTC

nelson : Ev Williams profile - Long, positive article about the influential tech entrepreneur

Andy Baio : The Atlantic on Ev Williams and the open web - the open web's fading away in favor of consolidated convenience and algorithmic relevance

53 Marissa acquisitions

16/06/2016 @ 19:58 UTC

nelson : 53 Marissa acquisitions - The outcome of a buying spree

Andy Baio : What happened to Yahoo's 53 acquisitions under Marissa Mayer - at least 41 were shut down

Interview with a woman who recently had an abortion at 32 weeks

16/06/2016 @ 01:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Interview with a woman who recently had an abortion at 32 weeks - losing a child is tragic enough, but the pro-life right insists on compounding women's suffering

nelson : Interview with a late-term abortion patient - Honest, sad story of a woman who chose to abort at 32 weeks rather than give birth to a non-viable baby

The Upcoming.org Archives

1/06/2016 @ 15:58 UTC

Andy Baio : The Upcoming.org Archives - 7.6 million event pages back from the dead from Upcoming's first ten years

nelson : Upcoming archives - Founder of event site heroically brings old pages back online


25/05/2016 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : Terrapattern - Search aerial imagery for images of things

Andy Baio : Terrapattern - visual search engine for satellite imagery; example: baseball in Detroit, planes in NYC

Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow

23/05/2016 @ 21:58 UTC

nelson : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - Taking the piss out of tech interviews

Andy Baio : Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow - machine learning for dumb coding interview questions


19/05/2016 @ 22:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Hyper-Reality - from the creator of the popular Augmented (hyper)Reality short

nelson : Hyper-Reality - Concept film for an augmented reality future

Shuffleboard At McMurdo

16/05/2016 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : Shuffleboard At McMurdo - Installment 1 of Maciej's kickstarter travelogue to Antarctica

Andy Baio : Shuffleboard At McMurdo - the first dispatch from Maciej Ceglowski's Kickstarter-funded trip to Antarctica

webaudio synthesis

22/04/2016 @ 18:58 UTC

nelson : webaudio synthesis - Javascript programmed sound toys

Andy Baio : I Dropped My Phone The Screen Cracked - examples of web audio synthesis made with the library of the same name  [via]

UC Davis SEO scandal

14/04/2016 @ 16:59 UTC

nelson : UC Davis SEO scandal - University wasted $175k+ trying to hide the truth about their cops assaulting students

Andy Baio : UC Davis paid $175k to downrank pepper spray results - a good time to revisit it from multiple angles

TensorFlow for Poets

29/02/2016 @ 18:58 UTC

nelson : TensorFlow for Poets - Notes on getting Google's ML platform working on Mac (with a Docker VM)

Andy Baio : TensorFlow for Poets - beginner's guide for the machine intelligence library

Simulating the World in Emoji

4/01/2016 @ 22:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Simulating the World in Emoji - Nicky Case's interactive experiments with thinking in systems

nelson : Emoji simulator - Fun little grid agent based simulator using emoji

The Website Obesity Crisis

1/01/2016 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : The Website Obesity Crisis - Clear words from Maciej on web bloat

Andy Baio : The Website Obesity Crisis - another essential Maciej Ceglowski talk, video here

Randi Harper on leaving the FreeBSD community

31/12/2015 @ 23:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Randi Harper on leaving the FreeBSD community - "the measure of health in any open source community is how they deal with conflict"

nelson : Randi leaving FreeBSD - Another woman developer harassed out of open source

The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers

14/12/2015 @ 04:58 UTC

Andy Baio : The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers - inside the hateful world of mass shooting conspiracy theorists

nelson : Sandy Hook hoaxers - A harmful delusion

MRA Dilbert

13/12/2015 @ 17:58 UTC

nelson : MRA Dilbert - Scott Adams blog post quotes on Dilbert cartoons

Andy Baio : MRA Dilbert - mashing up Dilbert comics with horrible, real quotes from its creator

I was an Internet meme

6/12/2015 @ 18:58 UTC

nelson : I was an Internet meme - Nice followup on various people who were in accidentally famous videos

Andy Baio : New York Mag interviews viral stars of Internet past - Tay Zonday is an interesting guy

Trump's facism

24/11/2015 @ 18:58 UTC

nelson : Trump's facism - Documenting a "skid" towards more overtly facist ideas

Andy Baio : Donald Trump's skid towards outright fascism - I hope Nate Silver's right, but Trump's gone from mildly amusing to scary pretty quickly

50 Best Non-Fiction Podcasts

20/10/2015 @ 20:58 UTC

Andy Baio : 50 Best Non-Fiction Podcasts - a solid list that naturally skews geeky, coming from Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder's audience  [via]

nelson : 50 best podcasts - Good list of the current top podcasts