Block With Abandon

13/01/2015 @ 21:58 UTC

Andy Baio : Block With Abandon - Last week, my friend Jessamyn rounded up a list of Internet Resolutions from the writers of The Message, the blog/zine/thing I contribute to on Medium. I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, online or off, but I made an exception this year. Here's

Google Domains

13/01/2015 @ 19:58 UTC

nelson : Google Domains - Google has a product now for a simple company website

100 Charts Project

13/01/2015 @ 00:59 UTC

nelson : 100 Charts Project - Data visualization project showing demographic changes over time

Modern CPUs

13/01/2015 @ 00:59 UTC

nelson : Modern CPUs - Interesting notes on complex new features in CPU design