Bassnectar explains Dubstep

9/01/2012 @ 23:00 UTC

nelson : Bassnectar explains Dubstep - Nice little video. Never mentions the wobble!

joshua : Bassnectar Explains Dubstep (in under 3 minutes) - YouTube

Seer of the mirror world | The Economist

9/01/2012 @ 23:00 UTC

willpate : Seer of the mirror world | The Economist - “David Gelernter, a pioneering computer scientist, foresaw the modern internet but thinks computers are still too hard to use"

Battlestar Galactica RPG

9/01/2012 @ 22:00 UTC

nelson : Battlestar Galactica RPG - Funny (and full of spoilers)

Eraserhead (Japanese)

9/01/2012 @ 22:00 UTC

nelson : Eraserhead (Japanese) - Nice little animated GIF

Kickstarter's Year in Review 2011

9/01/2012 @ 22:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Kickstarter's Year in Review 2011 - amazing look back, don't miss the interactive stats post with nearly $100M pledged last year

Balloon Mapping Kits

9/01/2012 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : Balloon Mapping Kits - Kickstarter project for the cool citizen aerial mapping project

Atomic Energy Lab

9/01/2012 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Atomic Energy Lab - Play with Uranium. For kids!

Responses and Replies

9/01/2012 @ 18:00 UTC

Anil : Responses and Replies - A few nice conversations around the web, either in response to or inspired by what I've been talking about here: My favorite TechCrunch post in a long time is Jon Evans' Scheming Intentions, which outlines a simple way that native mobile apps could take