PMOG / Nethernet post-mortem

11/10/2011 @ 22:00 UTC

nelson : PMOG / Nethernet post-mortem - Long, sad story of a failed startup by one of the Internet's most promising people

Andy Baio : Justin Hall's GameLayers postmortem - emotional, thoughtful look at the failure of PMOG and The Nethernet, his browser-based MMO

Qu8k rocket

10/10/2011 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : Qu8k rocket - Amateur launched a rocket to 120,000' at Burning Man

Jeremy Zawodny : Qu8k - Qu8k: wow, 121,000 feet up with a home built rocket!

Plink, a multiplayer audio experiment built with Node and Web Audio

9/10/2011 @ 10:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Plink, a multiplayer audio experiment built with Node and Web Audio - see also: ToneCraft, by the same creator

nelson : Plink - Interactive multiplayer music toy / Chrome demo

Olson timezone database shut down over IP case

6/10/2011 @ 23:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Olson timezone database shut down over IP case - the volunteer-run open-source project is the definitive source for global tz info

nelson : Timezone DB debacle - Bogus copyright claim screws an important database

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

6/10/2011 @ 08:00 UTC

Rod Begbie : Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 - The best obituary of Steve Jobs I've read this evening, by Steven Levy.  [via#

Andy Baio : Steven Levy's Wired obituary for Steve Jobs - the best I've read

Leigh Alexander on the rapture of Ian Bogost's Cow Clicker

4/10/2011 @ 21:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Leigh Alexander on the rapture of Ian Bogost's Cow Clicker - a biting satire of Facebook games became frustratingly popular for its creator

nelson : Cow Clicker denouement - melancholy story of Bogost's satire game

Waxy's PDX geek guide

30/09/2011 @ 22:00 UTC

nelson : Waxy's PDX geek guide - Great suggestions for food, geek sights, etc in Portland

Andy Baio : Geek's Guide to Portland 2011 - I have a bunch of friends coming into town for ROFLCon Summit on Saturday, and rather than email them my suggestions of stuff to do in Portland, I thought I'd make it public. This is my guide to PDX for people like me: people who geek out about good food

Glitch is live!

27/09/2011 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Glitch is live! - Some of the original Flickr team made an online game

Andy Baio : Glitch opens to the public - adorable MMO from the creators of Flickr, Game Neverending, and Katamari Damacy

Project T-B.A.C

25/09/2011 @ 04:00 UTC

nelson : Project T-B.A.C - High school kid's balloon photography project

joshua : Project T-B.A.C - Home

QR Time

24/09/2011 @ 12:00 UTC

Andy Baio : QR Time - for additional obfuscation, when someone asks for the time, show them this

nelson : QRTime - A clock for robots.

Bootstrap, from Twitter

23/09/2011 @ 09:00 UTC

joshua : Bootstrap, from Twitter

Andy Baio : Bootstrap 2 released - here's the announcement

Broadband map developer

15/09/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Broadband map developer - More REST APIs from FCC

joshua : Developer - National Broadband Map

FCC Developers

15/09/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : FCC Developers - Simple, free REST APIs for geodata from FCC (and census etc)

joshua : Developers |

Shoshana Hebshi handcuffed, jailed, strip-searched for flying while brown yesterday

13/09/2011 @ 08:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Shoshana Hebshi handcuffed, jailed, strip-searched for flying while brown yesterday - "It's 9/11 and people are seeing ghosts"; here's the AP version

nelson : Flying while brown - Harrowing story of a woman detained off a flight

Brewster on Michael

8/09/2011 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Brewster on Michael - Brewster Kahle posts some email and rememberance of the Gutenberg founder

Andy Baio : RIP Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg founder - a true visionary, he pioneered the ebook and open access to the world's knowledge

Scott Chacon on the Interwebs - GitHub Flow

4/09/2011 @ 12:00 UTC

philgyford : Scott Chacon on the Interwebs - GitHub Flow - How GitHub manage their own git workflow. Sounds good to me. (via Tom Taylor)

nelson : github's workflow - A simple way to use git in a group

Google Correlate

2/09/2011 @ 22:00 UTC

nelson : Google Correlate - finds queries that match the trend you drew for the last seven years

Andy Baio : Google Correlate searches trends by drawing - Austin Kleon fed Vonnegut's story shapes in with amusing results  [via]

Digital 3D rendered film in 1972

2/09/2011 @ 19:00 UTC

simplebits : Digital 3D rendered film in 1972 - The founder of Pixar's fascinating 40 year old experiments in 3D rendering. Amazing. (via @beep)

Rod Begbie : First Digital 3D Rendered Film - Amazing bit of geek history: The first piece of 3D computer animation, by Ed Catmull, Pixar's co-founder, from 1972. [via#

Boxer: The DOS game emulator that’s fit for your Mac.

2/09/2011 @ 02:00 UTC

joshua : Boxer: The DOS game emulator that’s fit for your Mac.

nelson : - Great DOSBox wrapper for the Mac; makes playing old PC games a breeze

WikiLeaks leak timeline

1/09/2011 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : WikiLeaks leak timeline - Simple explanation of how the unredacted cables got leaked.

Andy Baio : Wikileaks Cablegate emails leak in full online - the Guardian published the password in a book, but they blame Wikileaks for lax security

VHDs for IE

31/08/2011 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : VHDs for IE - Virtual machine images for versions of Internet Explorer

joshua : virtual machines with different IE versions

HTML for Babies

26/08/2011 @ 17:01 UTC

simplebits : HTML for Babies - A board book for little ones that aims to get "a new generation up to speed on web standards". Via @malarkey

Eric Meyer : HTML for Babies gets a new generation up to speed on web standards - Ordered. Obviously.

The Kid Should See This

25/08/2011 @ 01:00 UTC

Andy Baio : The Kid Should See This - Rion Nakaya and her three-year-old curate inspiring, fun stuff  [via]

nelson : The Kid Should See This - Collection of smart YouTube videos

AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean (Spring Framework API 2.5)

24/08/2011 @ 04:00 UTC

Rod Begbie : AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean (Spring Framework API 2.5) - This is real. Also, why I'm glad I don't program in Java any more. #

nelson : AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean - Java!

Why Arabic is Terrific

22/08/2011 @ 04:00 UTC

cobra libre : Why Arabic is Terrific - "So I would like to stand up for the language nerds and give some reasons for studying Arabic that have nothing to do with politics. The language of the National Designated Other is bound to switch to Chinese in a couple of years, but until colleges start #

Andy Baio : Maciej Cegłowski on why Arabic is terrific - entertaining and educational, as always