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Art. Lebedev - Optimus keyboard

14/07/2005 @ 14:55 UTC

Milo Vermeulen : Art. Lebedev - Optimus keyboard

gleuschk : awesome lcd keyboard - holy cow, now, *that's* the future

Andy Baio : Optimus keyboard - jaw-dropping keyboard concept with each key as an LCD display [via]  [via]

Rod Begbie : Optimus keyboard - Extremely kewl concept -- A keyboard with leds, so the key displays change depending on context. [via#

tehu : Optimus keyboard : LCD on your keys - Oh I want one ! Patents pending ? Gosh !

Matthew M. Boedicker : keyboard where each key is a mini LCD

jkottke : Whoa, each key on this keyboard is a little computer screen - I'd love to use the typeface of my choosing for my keyboard.

znarf : Art. Lebedev - Optimus keyboard - I want it ! [via#

plasticbag : The Optimus keyboard has a tiny screen under each key, so that you can remap it easily to any combination - Mr Webb informs me that each button costs tens of dollars at the moment, and as such it doesn't look likely to go on the market any time soon - but it rocks and I want one...

Eric Meyer : Optimus keyboard - Oh, that's just far too awesome. It would certainly make learning Dvorak (or playing games) a LOT easier. [via Dan] [via]

Simon Willison : Optimus keyboard - Every key is a colour screen.