LRB · Richard J. Evans · The Wonderfulness of Us

16/04/2011 @ 17:00 UTC

philgyford : LRB · Richard J. Evans · The Wonderfulness of Us - I'm finding this discussion (the article and many letters below it) about how history should be taught in British schools interesting, although I've lost track of exactly who thinks what.

JavaScript Garden

16/04/2011 @ 04:00 UTC

nelson : JavaScript Garden - Lots of nice notes on gotchas in the language

philgyford : JavaScript Garden - A good run-through of some of JavaScript's tricky bits, a lot like Crockford's 'JavaScript: The Good Parts'. I still don't get prototypes etc though. (via Cal)


16/04/2011 @ 03:00 UTC

nelson : tilers-tools - A new set of Python tools for cutting maps up into tiles via GDAL

Behind the poker bust?

16/04/2011 @ 01:00 UTC

nelson : Behind the poker bust? - Story about a payment processor who may have turned states' evidence against online poker