17/04/2011 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Otomata - Fun music toy

Andy Baio : Otomata - like Tenori-on meets Conway's Game of Life

Game preview sausage

17/04/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Game preview sausage - Intern explains how terrible games get gushing previews in the gaming press

State of Play by Mike Deri Smith - The Morning News

17/04/2011 @ 17:00 UTC

philgyford : State of Play by Mike Deri Smith - The Morning News - On KidZania, the pretend-to-do-adult-jobs theme parks. The immediate leftist reaction is that this is an appalling, restrictive brainwashing of children by the corporate machine. On the other hand, I'd have *loved* this when I was a child.


17/04/2011 @ 17:00 UTC

philgyford : RequireJS - To help with modularising JavaScript, loading bits asynchronously, managing dependencies, etc. Looks indispensable for large JS projects.

EmacsWiki: Color Theme

17/04/2011 @ 06:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : EmacsWiki: Color Theme - EmacsWiki: Color Theme: useful way to config emacs color stuffs